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Slow wired Broadband speed.

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I'm currently getting poor Broadband speeds.
We've recently had a 48hr broadband outage in the street (About a week ago). Since the service returned I have been getting very poor performance.
The Talk Talk website says I am getting 35mb to the router, but with the Talk Talk router I was getting between 3.5 and 10 mb from an ethernet connected PC.
I replaced the Talk Talk router with my own - Asus DSL-AC68U, and now I'm getting an average of about 20 mb.


In both cases there is significant lag and packet loss, between 15 and 100 ms lag and dropping at least 1 in 20 pings.
On Sunday I had to use my phone hotspot for a Skype call because it was unusable through the wired Broadband.


Apart from the outage, about 3 weeks ago I had a visit from a Openreach engineer due to a connection test reporting problems. He replace the cable from the roof to the Master Socket.

I am paying for Broadband boost(I think that's the name?) which should be giving me better than 35 mb - 65mb? (I believe 35mb the guaranteed minimum for Fiber Broadband). I'm not sure that I have ever got the full speed I'm paying for?

To Summarise:
Speed: 20 mb down max (10 mb on the Talk Talk router)
Lag: 15 - 100 ms
Significant packet loss (On both routers)
Sometimes almost unusable for Skype, streamed video often also pause due to lag / packet loss.
I've attached a pdf of screenshots of speed test and a continuous ping.


Support Team
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Hi Thundachild,


I've run a test on the line now which hasn't detected a fault. I can see that the sync speed has dropped slightly and I can also see a few re-connections on the line. Does your main socket have a test socket?





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          Sorry not intending to be critical but a couple of points. What you are calling 'lag' is actually the round-trip time and it will vary quite a bit and its not a problem. TCP/IP is designed to cope with varying round-trips. It is very hard to measure 'lag' with most tools and you definitely can't do it with 'ping'. Also 1 in 20 is not necessarily significant in terms of packet loss. Ideally agreed you should have zero packet loss, but it very much depends on what you are pinging and how busy that server is that is receiving the pings ( ICMP packets) and then replying. It also depends on the number of hops needed to reach what you are pinging. So this is probably NOT the issue.

Also the differences in your speed and the routers speed could be significant, when you say wired what do you mean ? A 1 or 2 metre ethernet cable from your PC to one of the ports on the router. Have you checked what else is connecting to the router and sending and receiving traffic ? Obviously the router speed is shared between all connected devices. Is it possible something else is using the bandwidth. The TalkTalk router I have has lots of statistics and values for all aspects of the router might be worth logging in and checking these.....