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So I moved house...

First Timer
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Hello, I'm new here on this community & I apologise in advance if this is in the wrong section. 


I joined TalkTalk Fibre 65 in December 2020. However, after moving I had it moved over to my new house on the 18th of May. All was fine, I guess (though I haven't been in much, too busy). Yesterday (4th), I received an email from TalkTalk(?) from the email address saying 'your account has been updated' & 'your new and improved package.' This states Fast Broadband, & also mentioned an engineer. Confused, I went into live chat for assistance & the man in there said the engineer won't be coming to my home, he'll just be working on the stuff outside or whatever. Great, moving on. Then today (5th) I received an email from Yodel saying my parcel from TalkTalk was out for delivery... I haven't ordered anything, nor have TalkTalk mentioned they'd be sending anything. So I go back into live chat with someone else & they told me it was a scam. Now, I didn't click any links, I went to the Yodel website & put the tracking number in. It was legit, said it had been dispatched on the 4th, plus I remember my original TalkTalk router in December being delivered by Yodel. Anyway, I missed the delivery by 15 minutes unfortunately & won't be home until Monday to check it. Now, why the hell would one TalkTalk assistant tell me something is fine, & the other be adamant it's a scam. What the bloody hell is going on with my account. Does Fast Broadband need a different router to Fibre 65 since I've apparently been downgraded (or upgraded???). I'm confused, & after people trying to scam me all the time, my anxiety is through the roof.


Can anybody offer any advice or similar stories please? I'm this close to leaving because, as an autistic, I can't handle stuff like this. The suddenness, the lack of communication & engineers just turning up when they want (that happened in January).




Support Team
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Hi @LeeMarie


Thanks for your post.  Sorry that you are having problems. 


What has happened is that at your new address the Fibre order failed, So your account was rolled back to the Fast Broadband product, as part of this order a Router was automatically dispatched (it is NOT a scam), even though you have a wifi hub which will work perfectly fine. 


Currently you are on our older package Fast Broadband, once the issue with Fibre in your area is resolved then you will be moved back to Fibre. 


Sorry for any confusion caused by this.


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@LeeMarie, forum staff will reply during the week, so look out for their response. 


It's quite possible that your line at your new address can't support Fibre. Staff will check that you are paying the correct price and are on the right package. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.