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Speed Test Query

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Awhile ago I was with Virgin Media and they said my download speed would be 213mb and looking at the router it was 213mb - and when I ran the Ookla Speedtest I got 213 or more. 
My query is your new hub shows a connection of 60mb but the same Ookla speedtest shows 56mb. Why is there a difference from the speed to your router to when I run the Ookla Speedtest?

I’m sure this has been asked before but can you let me know etc?!


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Hi @KBJ79 


The Virgin Media connection from their street cabinet to your home uses either fibre optic cable or co-axial cable and that has very little loss of speed between the street cabinet equipment and their router.


The Openreach network connection from their street cabinet uses a metallic, nominally twisted, unscreened pair of wires between the street cabinet equipment and the TalkTalk router.


There's more loss of signal, more loss of speed. The speed incoming to your home is called the router sync speed. TalkTalk guarantee that this sync speed will be above a minimum threshold within a speed range for typical lines in your area. Check your sync speed 


The speedtest measures the throughput speed that will be lower than the sync speed because of overheads in transmitting the useful data to your device. Run a broadband speed test 

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Hi KBJ79,


I can see Gondola has answered your question, please let us know if you need any further assistance