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Speed boost enabled in account but not connecting at higher speed

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Re-contracted and added speed boost to Fibre package last weekend. It's showing on "My Package" and I have been billed for it (so have to assume the CRM and billing systems have been updated OK). However, the speed at the router on the VDSL line remains the same as before the "upgrade" - 39,999 down and 9,999 up.


I'm not using a TalkTalk router, and tech support seem unable to provide any help without a TT router on my end. According to my router (Draytek), I should be able to get (attainable rate) 79Mbps down and 28MBps up. When the Openreach engineer attended as part of a move to a new cabinet, he line tested and said it's a high quality line, so should be able to get a good bandwidth.


I've read other posts, and have done the 30min offline test this morning, but no difference. It looks to me like the speed boost changes have not been applied at the exchange. However, does anyone know if I need to amend the VDSL settings for Speed Boost, or if there is a requirement to use a TT router for it to work (I believe the answer is "No" to both, but just checking....)


Anything else I've missed - I assumed it was order the upgrade and they remove the bandwidth limit at the exchange....?


Many thanks in advance...


P.S. @Arne-TalkTalk - I've seen you successfully fix these on other posts - hoping you can do your magic here as well 🙂


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Hi shelmec,


Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that the speed has increased 🙂





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Hi Chris

Many thanks for sorting this - now running at full speed (20Mb up, 80Mb down) after a 30 min router downtime to reset DLM. One happy customer here 🙂

On a side note - the tech support on chat could really do with being shown what you checked to fix this - to make it easier if it happens for anyone else in the future?

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Hi shelmec,


There appears to have been an issue with the faster fibre speed boost order, I've resolved this now so the boost should take effect within 24 hours, apologies for any inconvenience 



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