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Still cannot login after 4 weeks

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Getting really fed up now. Four weeks plus with not being able to login. Started when I signed up for data 150. Wanted this as my current internet security is coming to an end in 3 days and wanted f-secure as part of package. Was later told that would not be able to login until data 150 installed. Today spent nearly 4 hours on phone, technical support stated they could find no issues but gave me phone number stating probably an account issue. Sent me some things to try but had already done them all but did it all again to no avail. Phone the number and explained problem. Lady said she would escalate and I would hear within 5 days. I stated that they said this two weeks ago, heard nothing. She then said that she can see they previously did this wrong so I said if you can see its wrong then please put it right. She said she would escalate and I said hang on can you not just de-register me so I can re-join and try to get access. She told me to go to login page and de-register there. I said I am looking at login page as we speak and you cannot do that so you need to do it. Said she would and went off line, came back on said it was done and goodbye, have a nice day and other platitudes. Guess what nothing at all happened. I am now stuck not being able to login. not being able to get access to F-secure which I am paying for and starting to regret getting data 150. Any suggestions please.


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I can login now but currently Ady is helping with access to F-Secure thanks.


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Sorry to see this, "login" to what exactly? Is your connection working?