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Still no fibre service after 4 weeks

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This is now getting beyond a joke, i still have no fibre service since the 24/06/2019. Apparently, BT Open reach are looking into it, i was supposed to receive an update on the status on the 27/07/2019 but never did,TalkTalk cant give me a date as to when my service is going to go live, im not being charged and they've credited £100.00 to my account and said they will give me £30.00 back to my bank account for additional tethering or dongle charges. Its not TalkTalks fault as the line at my new address had been disconnected some time ago before i moved in. I desperately need my service, i cant complain to bt open reach as im not one of there customers its talktalk who provide my service but this ongoing problem doesn't seem to be getting resolved. So its a matter of waiting i don't know what to do next. Any advice on this would be grateful.

Thanks you in advance.


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If you had any common sense you would have put me on fast broadband first got that live and working then looked into the fibre option, this is what my new provider is doing which seems a sensible approach. Instead you gave me fast broadband which remained inactive but did work, then you tried to activate the fibre which failed and left me with no internet what so ever, you tried to blame my line but the bt fibre engineer tested my line which passed on all levels, then i receive an email saying theres a fault on the fibre side you dont seem to know what your doing at all. Anyway lesson learned youll not be hearing from me ever again goodbye. Is this issue the worst any talktalk customer has experienced? Anyone who reads this reply and let everyone know of what happened to you.


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Thanks for the reply, still no confirmation email but at least its cancelled.  Heres some very interesting news, my new provider and other providers have both clearly stated the fibre service isnt yet available at my new address, but talktalk  stated they could when i contacted them on the 31/05/2019 with a new address where i wanted to transfer my existing fibre service to. Because of the additional work required on the network not at my house meant the fibre service couldnt be provided, this was ongoing since the 24/06/2019, i find it very strange that talktalk werent aware of this situation previous to the order going ahead. If i had known that were would have been these issues with fibre i would have gone for the fast broadband. But instead i had no internet for weeks and weeks with no outcome at the end of it, you gave me no choice but to go with another provider.


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I can confirm that the order has been cancelled. 




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It doesnt matter now as ive left talktalk but cant seem to get any confirmation in the way of an email of my account or any orders being deactivated or deleted. All they seem to want to do is to get my new order up and running i dont want your services anymore but it doesnt seem to be getting through to them. There either trying to bully me into this new order or are clueless,  Ive tried cancellation department, loyalty team, technical and even ceo case manger who ive emailed over this ridiculous situation. All im concerned about is i dont want any charges as ive had no live service, since the 24 th of june so around 5 weeks its never been activated, they did confirm that fibre would be available at my new address, so it seems strange that my new provider who i would think would be using the same infrastrucrure as talktalk said its not yet available, so maybe that explains why it never went live. Saying that the fast broadband that was first setup never went live either.


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I have no idea what is going on in the background here, although I do suspect the dead hand of BT Openreach. Do be aware though that the support team here will not be back online until Monday, when hopefully they can give you an update.


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seemed to have rattled all your cages, so can none of your departments actually process a cancellation? but yet you still try to call me regarding my new order and send me sms messages, total bunch of idiotis on every level not one department knows what its doing duh duh. Id appreciate it if you could actually be bothered to send me a confirmation email if you dont not to worry i just hope cisas and the bbc and the trading standards get involved you need to be disgraced.


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Could it be possible to actually receive an email confirmation regarding cancelling as i contacted your cancellation department yesterday via telephone and live webchat just to make sure that the cancellation would get processed, who did say i would receive an email, so could someone please inform me as to how long does it normally take? Or is that something else that has a system error?


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Just to let you know, i cancelled the fibre order and placed a new order for standard broadband after 24 hours, received an email confirming the order, then received a phone call saying the order has been rejected due to yet another system error,so ive decided to go with another provider, ive contacted talktalk via live web chat and contacted them over the telephone to cancel any other orders and to cancel my account, dont worry ill return your equipment. Just to let you know cicas have accepted my application to complain so hopefully they will investigate this as my new provider has clearly stated fibre broadband is NOT yet available at my new address, however your home move team clearly stated in the telephone conversation that you could provide me with fibre, so this explains why the fibre service never went live, so looks like youve misold me your fibre service, plus dreadful customer support, no communication with bt open reach as to the status of this so called work that was being carried out on the network. Just basically expected me to wait and wait and wait with no internet service at all. I hope bbc watchdog get hold of the report from cisas  and name and shame you as company. I hope all your members read this and realise what youve put me through.

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Hi @allrounder55


We are going to place a order to get the service live on Standard broadband in the next 24 hours.


I will give you an update when I get one. 


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I was wondering if it would be possible to revert back to the connection or line that was activated at my address on the 24/06/2019, as this actually gave me 15mps, as it was using the copper, but since the bt open reach engineer revisited to activate the fibre service at my address there is no service at all, if the fibre service cannot be activated id be quite happy for the slower service of 15mps, i do realise you have a minimum speed guarantee, but that is providing fibre can be established, i will have a chat with your technical team and suggest this option to them.

Regards Martin.


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Thank you, ill try to find out what the status is too with BT Open reach.

Regards Martin .


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Hi @allrounder55 


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 





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Hello Debbie, added my talktalk phone number, good luck as when i check my account it comes back with no results so its not active yet. If you can shed any light on this id be very grateful. No one seems to know whats going on.



Support Team
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Hi allrounder55


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your TalkTalk telephone number to your Community Profile, we can then look into this further.