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Strange Speeds for Internet

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I recently had an engineer out this morning to fix the intermittent speeds and slow speeds on the internet. For reference we usually hover around 55 down and 20 up and was down to 23 and 13. 

Engineer came, re-did some wires and now the router is saying it’s receiving 57 down and 20 up, however, on every device I do a speed test on it won’t exceed 24 download. It’s almost like the router is limiting what it’s transmitting to devices and it’s the most bizarre thing. I know that router speeds and device speeds aren’t always the same, but this seems to far out of what we should get and even weirder that they all can’t pass 24 download. The upload is fine and goes to 20, just not the download. 

I was wondering if anyone could maybe provide some help or insight to the situation 


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Hi JackKirkham


Glad to hear it fixed the problem. Switching the router off for 30 minutes forces the start of a new session and often resolves this type of issue 🙂



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Yep! Worked out and came back to full speed after the reboot. Thank you for the help, something I wouldn’t of thought about. 

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How are you getting on? Did you try the 30 minute router power down as this will reset the current session and can often increase the throughput speeds?





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Yep, effectively it is the street cabinet session that has the artificial 'cap' caused by the fault, even though the sync speed is now back to normal. Hopefully the +30 minute shutdown will fix it, but if not, just post back here and the support team would be able to investigate further.


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Awesome I’ll definitely try that. It was really weird that all Speedtests seemed to limit at 25, and the router said otherwise. 

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Hi @JackKirkham,


Try switching the router off for over 30 minutes, this will reset the session in the street cabinet. This will often help when the download appears slow but the upload is normal.


Whilst you had the fault your session details will have reflected your reduced speeds, now the fault is fixed your sync speed will immediately increase, but your router will still connect to that existing 'capped' session that you had when the fault was present, the easiest way to get a new session is to just leave the router off for over 30 minutes.