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Support Team lots of help please

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Please help, it's nearly Xmas (grandchildren coming over
- oh them jolly holidays)

I'm sure I posted about the problematic TV box, but got no answer.

So the TV plus box we have is an exchange, came in a plain brown box with no adapter and no remote, so I kept the old ones. Is it a reconditioned box? I think so.

Well! it wasn't tarted up good enough. We have had increasing problems with it for the last 5 to 6 weeks, now it is not recording from our programming over the past 10 days, particularly painful if a ITV channel with 5 min advert breaks and oh we are not affected by the storm.

Nearly finished - is our Wi-Fi router going? it will drop its reception momentarily, then back up. If we are watching TV it scrolls along the screen saying the router's back up. Speed tests are extremely variable one test very good then test again shortly after and the download can barely register. Do double test over 16 hours speed is 'bouncy'.

Lastly, before moving to Sky & I'm serious, the excellent Wi-Fi offer earlier this year, pay 12 months in advance, get 65mbps Wi-Fi, 2months free and gifts from Amazon. I signed up and you grabbed the cash but 3 days later you emailed to say could you not lift the fibre speed and paid me back but you had smelt my full years payment and it was nice so when I happened to look at my bank account you without permission had taken it again. My partner, she had Covid 19, so I just let it ride. Then I realised no gift from Amazon which I demand as part of the deal. Again I had no reply even though others had the same problem.

Now I really want everything fixing fully, a brand new TV plus box, a new router, this gift I never had earlier, and I am told I can sue because you took that cash the second time without permission from me.

Talk Talk let me know recently that I can now have faster Wi-Fi, which is offered until tomorrow 9th Dec at £21 for 18 months but when I click for details and as so very often, a flash says there is a problem and can't get that page. I really want 65 Mbps please.

I was one of the early joiners to your service, when others where quitting, because I had faith in you. Faith that was proven correct until the past few years, too large? fall outs with Open Reach or other partners? poor staff or lack of? I couldn't give a **** ****

Will You JUST SORT It All Out For Us

With Regards


p.s when trying to post can't being told HTML problems, so took of colour, underlines and bold


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Hi werkit,


How are you getting on, did you manage to get this sorted?



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Gliwmaeden2, thanks for the info.

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They tend not to send them out as many are interchangeable, @werkit.


You might be better contacting Talktalk through Chat. Search in the box above  - you'll also see opening hours on that link.


Forum staff are not back before Wednesday at the earliest. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Absolutley brill, except - the new box came but not with any remote control, will you please send one out as the only one I have is of the old type.

Kindest thanks for your speed in sending replacements out.





Support Team
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Hi werkit


I can sort out a TV box and router for you.  With regard to an upgrade to fibre 65, your line will simply not support those speeds.  Your line is in sync at 18mb with the estimate of 14 - 16mb, so this is the best the line can achieve, unless FTTP is available in your area.


With regard to the billing issue, if you can post this separately in our billing section we can pick this part up.





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That’s quite a post! This has been flagged to the support team and they will get back to you as soon as they can.