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Surely I am now eligible for a non-chargeable leave from my contract?

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My internet service has been poor from pretty much the start but I put up with it for the first 6 months as we needed it. Speeds weren’t great, it dropped constantly and experienced high volumes of lag when gaming and if trying to watch HD videos they wouldn’t even buffer. 


Have rang and none of the support people speak proper English or try and help. Have spoke to live chat who have recommended  multiple different things (speed boost i now pay an extra £5 for, as well as numerous things on their end which all do not work). The only option I’m given by them now is to PAY for an engineer to visit my house to fix their faulty services.


I’ve had enough of the poor service and will not pay any extra money when it is on their end and not mine. As it has been going on for months, and I’ve tried to resolve the issue with support for a long time and also paid money for extra services (speed boost, which my 52mb download speed is not sufficient at all as it’s unstable and spikes constantly). Surely I am now eligible for a non-chargeable leave from my contract with TalkTalk?


Support Team
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Hi Dannyb77


I'm really sorry to hear this.


We can look into the BB issues further on the Community. Alternatively if you would prefer to discuss leaving then you would need to contact our Loyalty Team.