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Switching from BT Fibre to TalkTalk Fibre, Why do I need an engineer?

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Moved into a new London flat where the previous tenant used BT Fibre and therefore has an OpenReach FTTP modem installed. I have been quoted a month to get internet, as they want to book an OpenReach engineer to perform a restart. Why? What does this actually mean?


Initially, they wanted to reinstall the line as they did not believe I have one, however, the landlord told me they try this every year and after being convinced we already have one, they get internet without an engineers appointment.


BT state that switching between their fibre products takes a day, why does switching from TalkTalk fibre to BT fibre take a month?
Isn't the fibre infrastructure all digital so no one needs to go to the DSLAM or actually move wires around in the exchange? 

Do I have to wait a month to get internet just so the engineer can come around and log into the modem / GPON terminal?

I'm curious to know what the engineer actually needs to do? Please let me know


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Hi peter,


I'm sorry to hear this. Unfortunately we are unable to provide support for Future Fibre via the Community at the moment, however we are looking to start this in the next month. Did the team advise why they were unable to advise on this?





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Hey Michelle, Hope you had a good weekend! Indeed, I tried live chat but got told to ring Future Fibre customer support, who have given me many different and contradicting answers about if someone from OpenReach will be coming around and if they would actually need to do any work when they arrived.

I hoped I could manually perform the service restart using the Service center, but as I have no account number, just an order number I cannot log in. Any advice?


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Did you manage to get through to our Future Fibre Team on Live Chat?




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Thank you so much for the detailed response. I have rang customer service about 8 times and got different answers each time about why they need to come around and if they need to come around. I've been told they can just do it remotely however it's protocol that they won't activate my internet until an engineer comes around despite them not needing to and that they won't actually arrive.


On the Huawei Fibre GPON terminal the PON light is solid, according to the manual, "A connection is set up between the GPON terminal and its upper-layer device.", so I thought they should be able to just activate the line digitally?


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I'm no expert, but from what I've heard & read online, BT provide 1gig fibre connections directly through the openreach network to their infrastructure. TalkTalk on the other hand can only offer up to 500mb through the openreach network as there is some sort of bridge device in the green cabinet that connects your line to the talktalk service side and to their infrastructure. 

That could explain why an engineer is needed as your line needs to be physically moved in the cabinet. It would then make sense that the engineer comes to your property to reset your BT fibre modem, which is probably just a case of turning it off and back on, but could possibly need to be updated with talktalk connection settings. 

Having to wait a month sucks, especially when it's only a 10 minute job. 

Hope they give you some sort of discount like an extra month free or something because of the inconvenience. 

I assume you've already tested the current connection to see if it's still live or not. 

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

Update your community profile with your account & contact info so TT team members can help you.

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Hi peterw301,


For further information you'll probably need to speak to our Future Fibre support team, just click the chat now button at the bottom of the page in the link I provided, hopefully they'll be able to help



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Hey Chris, 

Thank you for the quick reply! My issue is that all the steps in the installation listed on that page have been completed?

Isn't Fibre 500 over the OpenReach network so I already have a Fibre Connection Box, so I'd like to learn what needs doing?

I have been told that the engineer needs to come around as my service needs a restart, may I ask, is this something I can do myself through the Service center?


Support Team
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Hi peterw301,


Please take a look at Future Fibre help article for information about installation