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Switching to Fibre 35 - when to plug in new hub?

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I am moving from old style broadband to Fibre 35 on Monday and I have received a text from Openreach telling me to connect my new hub before 8am on Monday. But that would mean unplugging my existing router and potentially being without internet all day (the new Fibre will go live some point before midnight). I'm working from home, so can't be without internet for too long.


My question is; can I continue to use my old router on Monday and just wait for it to disconnect (which I assume it will when Openreach make the change over at the exchange or cabinet). And then install the new Wi-Fi hub at that point. Would this mess up the switch over??


Many thanks!


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Brilliant! I never even thought of that! Thanks so much for your help.

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Your new HUB is backwards compatible with your current service as well as your new Fibre 35.


You can swap them over any time you wish.


It's a good idea to do it ahead of Monday as you can then set all your devices to connect to the new WiFi, the broadcast name and password are on the pull-out card on the back of the router.


If you wish to change any router settings, pull out that card and the router login password (different to the WiFi password) is printed there, the username is admin.