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Sync speed to Hub c14Mb, usually c23Mb, guaranteed minimum 19Mb

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Hopefully an OCE can take a look from Talk Talk end, thanks.


Graph on my account pages shows speed to hub dropped at weekend. There have been a couple of drop outs since and sync at c14Mb after each.


Initial checks suggested a possible issue between exchange and hub, but then line check result came back showing no issue found.


Have  just  switched off and unplugged hub for 30 mins, no better sync when restarted., still c14 Mb.


Hub not yet updated to latest firmware (still on SG4K10002816t) , and I haven't done a factory reset, yet when I logged into modem at weekend (when I first noticed lower sync speed), I also saw the following issues:


a) SSID had reverted to original Talk Talk name rather than names allocated by me a few years ago, in both 2.4 and 5 Ghz.


b) All 'friendly names' for devices had disappeared.


c) Maintenance log had cleared and hundreds of pages gone.


d) DNS back to Talk Talk.


Have changed  SSID back to what I had and started to re-allocate 'friendly names' to devices.



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Thanks for the update and please let us know if you need any assistance 🙂





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Sorry for delayed reply, family matters needed my time.


Since you wrote, the firmware on router has been updated (early December) and by coincidence or otherwise, hub sync since is now up to c19Mbps. So, whilst not my more usual c23 Mbps sync speed, it is better and within minimum.


Before firmware update, I did manage to swap out cables in case they were faulty, but no difference. Improvement only seen with the firmware change.


Anyhow, will monitor over holidays and may take up your offer of a replacement router to test with in New Year, as I didn't find a suitable one.



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The new firmware has been paused by our Products Team at the moment. Would you like us to send the Huawei Wifi Hub for testing purposes? We would also send a router returns bag so that one of the routers can be returned.




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Morning, Michelle. 


Thanks for getting back to me.


As I have been waiting for it for a long time (as have many other community members too), I had hoped manually pushing the latest SG4K100130 (?) firmware, which I believe started to be rolled out in batches last month, might help resolve the current (and other) issues without the need to test with a different router. 


Is there nothing can be done to get the new firmware pushed or can you indicate how roll out is progressing and how much longer before my hub is included?


Haven't managed to get another router to test with yet, but hoped trying the new firmware first would perhaps save having the need for you to send me one to test with. It would seem to make sense to try the updated firmware initially, and particulary in the week of the COP26 conference, as it could be a more environmentally friendly fix if it works, as can be done remotely.


Did try another gateway reset of the hub last night, and slight improvement in Sync speed to Hub at c16Mbp, but still below guaranteed minimumm of 19Mbp and well below our usual, steady speed of 23Mbp. Checked too that none of the settings had reverted again, and all, so far, seem to have held. Their initial disappearance/reverting seemed as if the hub had been restored to factory settings, which I most definitely hadn't done. 


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I've checked and the router has the most recent version of firmware. Did you manage to locate an alternative router? If not then we can send a replacement router for testing purposes.





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Hello Karl, thanks for responding. 


Yes, that's what I effectively said in the post heading - sync to hub is c14Mb and lower than it should be.


Home phone rarely used and my hearing issues mean I wouldn't necessarily notice a problem, but just had another member of family test  phone, and conversation was clear as a bell, no crackling.


As regards testing sync speed with another modem, I'll see if I can dig out an old one from loft this evening  and report back.


Meantime, any idea why all the settings in the hub had reverted and  the maintenance log cleared, when I hadn't done a factory restore? Seems odd. 


Before I try and find an old modem, could you push a firmware update to see if that helps?



Support Team
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Sync is at 14mb, lower than it should be.


Is the home phone ok, no noise on the line ?


Do you have access to another router to test ?





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