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Sync speed

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My router syn speed at the moment is showing 

Download 32.4 mbps

Up 7.2 mbps 

I should  be getting min 35mbps

I know we have a slight fault somewhere as we have had several Bt engineers out over the time we have been with talktalk. The last one that came in April tested every thing we were getting an average speed of 40mbps but the router was allowing that through. It was showing at that time

Download 30.0 mbps

Up 6.2 mbps

He resynced the line and we started to receive the full 40mbps great or so I thought.

It seems the router keeps resetting  the connection time after several hours  without us touching it, i could not tell you if the light goes out or not. 

I didn't think it was supposed to do this and may be contributing to this problem. 

I Don't want to go through all the hassle of talking  over the phone  and be told there's  a problem  test the socket etc have an engineer  call, cant find fault  resyn line speed back to normal. 

In short  this only seemed to become more  of a frequent problem when we started using the new super router. 

Any one else having this kind of issue

Please help  


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Hi @footballnut63


I will add the tracking number to your account, so you should not be charged, however if the charge appears post back here and I will take care of it. 






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sorry about delay in posting back to you, but every thing seems to be ok and working fine so that's fantastic, however i received an email from talktalk on 3/6/2021 about how to avoid paying £50 returning by 23/6/2021.

if you have already sent ignore and we will let you know when we've receive it.


The thing that is worrying me is that i posted it back on the 17/05/21 at 13:17

according to my receipt so i would have thought they would have got by now and not sent the E-mail.IMG_20210607_082914.jpg

If there is anything you can do before i'm charged would you let me know.


many thanks



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Hi footballnut63


That's great, thank you 🙂




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New router arrived today have just installed will update you later on how it works.

Many thanks 

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Hi footballnut63


I have ordered you a different make and model of router for testing, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.






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Engineer been found no faults however yesterday only my phone could connect via WiFi phoned tt tech team they couldn't understand and wanted to do the tests again and possibly send an eng. Seen as one has just been done I suggested a new router different make as I thought this might help. They couldn't authorise this also asked to speak to someone in England as she wasn't listening and just wanted to do the tests again. I thanked her and terminated the call and decided to try here



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Hi footballnut63


Thanks for your reply.


I can see that this fault has been raised to Openreach to be investigated by a line engineer.


We should receive further updates from Openreach within the next 48hrs.






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Hello hope this helps

Serial NumberHardware VersionSoftware VersionGUI VersionSystem Up TimeMAC Address

FAST5364 3.00
1d 09h54m53s

Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this. Can you confirm please which router you're currently using (make and model) as I can't currently connect to the router to check?