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Islander IW
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I have been on two chat lines for over 2 hrs tonight.


My router is an huawei hg633 which was issued with fibre 35 in 2015. I upgraded to faster fibre in dec 19, but left with the same router.


The internet connection by cable from the master socket via router to my desktop is fine at 75mbs, but the wifi is bad. Right next to the router, my smartphone receives at best 20mbs and obviously much slower around the house.


The chat line firstly spent all the time testing the broadband, and ignored my wifi speed. Eventually he wanted to do some tests requiring a pin in the back of the router, and i lost the chat. I went back on, and continued with another operator, who agreed the wifi speed was dismal, but refused to replace my router without payment. I eventually got timed out from the chat, so no conclusion.


However, since the router reset, the wifi alongside the router is now under 10mbs. Completely useless and a waste of my evening. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years.


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Hi Islander IW


Thanks  for your reply and I'm glad to hear that this is now working.


I will pass on your feedback, apologies for this.






Islander IW
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Hi Debbie

Thank you for the prompt reaction to my post and the replacement router received today. I am really pleased to say that all is now well, and seems to be working correctly.

Purely as information and constructive criticism, I would suggest that when a chat line along with many requests for tests etc, asks that a pin be inserted in the back of the router, they also clearly state that this results in a factory reset with a loss of all personal settings. The second agent asked me to login into my router as part of the tests, and I was unable to do so, taking so long, that I was timed out from the chat. Afterwards, I realised the factory reset had removed my personal password. I would hope that this comment might help others avoid being in my position.

Thanks again



Support Team
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Hi Islander IW


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've ordered you a replacement router and a returns bag for your current router.


Please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive. Let us know how the connection compares with this router.





Community Star
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Hi @Islander IW,


There are a few things you could try to see if it is Wi-Fi interference causing the problems (i.e. a neighbours router broadcasting on the same, or similar, channel to yours).


Split the SSID's on the router, this will allow you to give the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network bands different names, so your Wi-Fi devices will then see those two networks separately, you can then try connecting to one or the other to see if one gives a more reliable connection than the other. Doing this in itself won’t fix the problem, but it makes it easier to troubleshoot as you can easily see what device is using what band.


Change the channels that your router broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal on, you can use free smartphone Apps like this to see what channels are being used within range of your smartphone, you can then change your router to use channels that are less congested.


If trying the above makes no difference then it may indicate an issue with the router, the staff here would be able to help with that, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post tomorrow.