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Talk Talk Digital Hub and DHCP reservations

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Hi I am having a really troublesome issue , with the new hub, I received, DHCP reservations are not holding and keeps losing the machine names and mac address I add to it ...and if it restarts its goes back to square one , Is this a fix for this ? Additionally if i wanted to just add reservation which are not in the arp list ..there is no option allowing me to to do this...Can you help please.

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Hi Antony,


I'm having some problems communicating with your router at the moment - could you let me know which firmware version it has






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@OCE_Chris  I have just spotted another topic from this member where he seems to have switched routers.

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Firmware version on this router is currently SG4K10002600t from what i can see and its connected to my current connection .

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@OCE_Chris  Ignore this , I hooked the old router back on to see whether it was any better and connection speed was more worse and the reservations still dont work anyway as the firmware on that one is even older...So I have now put the new hub back in i rather get the address reservations resolved on this 

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There are all sorts of bugs associated with DHCP & device friendly names up to & including firmware V2600 in the hub. There is new firmware under test currently & this hopefully will fix these issues. However, currently I do not know any general release dates.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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@KeithFrench Thanks for the update Keith we are stuck i guess until this new firmware comes out , given the issues i am seeing with the Digital Hub..