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Talk Talk poor customer service

First Timer
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I have been a customer for a few weeks now and am regretting it already. It's only when things go wrong that you realise what poor customer service a company has and Talk Talk seems to be one of the worst. I'm waiting for an engineer to come out and fit my new phone line. The first time they were scheduled to arrive nobody turned up so we phoned up to reschedule. Again, nobody has turned up but what I don't understand is that when I phone the helpline, I get a message saying that my appointment has been changed to tomorrow. Well, why has nobody let me know that????? Talk Talk has all of my details but I get no information until I phone your 12.5p per minute phone line. I guess It's a good way to make some extra money, giving all of your customers terrible service so that they have to phone to complain! I tried the CHAT but every time it says that my session has expired and I need to start again...

Why can't you just have a button on your website saying, reschedule appointment? Why do I have to phone every time???


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I'm pleased to say that an engineer has now fitted our new line. It only took four appointments. The engineer was very friendly and did a good job, so hopefully that is an end to our issues.

Our main complaint wasn't the length of time it has taken but the lack of information. If openreach aren't going to do a job, surely they can let Talk Talk know, so that we could be informed? Each time we had to phone Talk Talk and wait for about half an hour while the operator tried to get through to openreach to find out what was going on. It's a really poor system that needs to be sorted out if you expect to keep customers.


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Hi Nigelba


The order has been updated, Im afraid there is still problems and A new appointment has been made for: 21-10-2020 AM . 


Sorry again that this is still ongoing. 

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Well, it's the 19th and yet again, no engineer has turned up between the appointed times, and yet again we've had no contact from Talk Talk as to why. Three times now we've waited in for someone and three times we've been frustrated. Every time I log into the website, it still says that we need to rebook an appointment because the first was missed, even though we've rebooked twice. Communicating with customers doesn't seem to be Talk Talk's speciality.

Support Team
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Hi Nigelba


Sorry that you are having problems, 


I have checked your order status and the appointment has been changed to 19-10-2020 between 8am and 1pm. 


We can only apologize for the lack of communication you have received about this.