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TalkTalk WiFi Hub 5364 rebooted after exactly 30 days stable connection up time! Is this normal?

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I signed up last month and went live on the 3rd of February with TalkTalk FTTC on a 24 month contract for £21.95 per month deal, which I am getting max speeds 80/20 6.30dB noise margins and 15.00dB for Upstream.

This is the first time I have FTTC since my cabinet only just went live in October 2019 from an EO Line on ADSL which I had been waiting for years.

I am aware that the TalkTalk Wifi Hub router did reboot a couple of days later at around 2am to upgrade from SG4K10001400t to SG4K10002808t last month when I joined.

But yesterday after exactly 30 days stable connection up-time the router once again rebooted but this time at around 2pm after the 30 day system up time mark!

The System Up Time had reset, but there was no power cut at all, nor does it seem to be related to DLM or noise margins as the connection still syncs at 80/20 max at above 6dB noise margins. And neither it is upgrade related as the firmware version number remains the same.

Normally if the connection disconnects the System Up Time does not reset itself only the connection up time would reset. But in this case the System Up Time and the connection reset by itself.

If I know for 100% certainty that this restart after 30 days was programmed by design then I won't be worried!

I was concerned whether this is related to a technical fault of the router such as overheating. Because under the old Plusnet ADSL router Sagemcom 2704n this reboot was happening randomly and it was a fault, sometimes 6 days, 13 days, 26 days, etc.

Can someone confirm if the TalkTalk WiFi Hub 5364 is programmed to restart every 30 days by design? That way I can rule out any technical fault with the router or my extension lead.