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TalkTalk acceptable usage policy?

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Does TalkTalk have an acceptable use policy to make sure that the connection is not being used for business / commercial reasons? (With the exception of working from home due to Covid-19) I know a lot of providers don't have a fair use policy but a lot of them still have an acceptable use policy.


We are now running well over 3TB a month and I suspect this is going to be hitting 4TB a month pretty soon! In the last 2 weeks, we've had two COD updates at just shy of 50GB and 70GB respectively and that was downloaded onto four separate Xbox consoles! (I know we can do the console to console transfer but it never works!)


I'm now getting increasingly worried that we will soon be getting a letter from TalkTalk saying our usage is too high. We aren't using it for business use, but like I say we have four Xbox One X consoles, four PS4 Pro consoles (all of which subscribe to Game Pass and PSNow respectively), Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky On Demand, Gaming PC's with Steam access.


1TB 10 years ago would be absolutely insane (I remember getting threatening letters off Virgin when hitting 600-700GB a month) ... But what about today? Are they likely to have any issues and say it's unacceptable for a residential connection?


Support Team
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Ultimately our service is unlimited for home users, but you can find all our terms and conditions and other policies here :





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