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TalkTalk can't find my new order

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Hi, I placed a new order on 2nd March for fibre with fibre speed boost. I received an order confirmation email. When I log in to my account it states that you have my order and are confirming a few things like delivery date, go live date etc and you will update me soon. It has been like this since I placed the order so I firstly contacted you by chat and they couldn't find my order and didn't really want to help so I telephoned and the lady was very helpful but still couldn't find my order. I have an order because it shows in my account so I can't understand why customer services can't see my order. Please can someone on here see if they can look into this?



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Hi @Arne-TalkTalkHave you managed to find out anything about my order? I have been in touch with TalkTalk again to try and resolve the order issue but again I haven't got a any where, customer services don't want to help at all, I can't even place a new order because the ordering system says there is an order in place


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Hi OCE_Arne
Can you do what I requested in my last post so I can try and re order?

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Ok, I can't even place a new order because your ordering system says there is an order in place for my phone number. Can you completely delete my old account and any information relating to my phone number and email address and I will try again.

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@mickb82   I've searched all our systems and I cant find any orders, the reference given takes me to your old account from 2015


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk
Have you managed to find anything out about my order?

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You are not being very helpful trying to second-guess what has gone wrong with a customer order, especially as you do not have access to the TT system.


By all means chip in with technical advice, but leave the real investigative stuff to the OCEs.

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When I log into my account with my email address it says the following and has done since I signed up on 2nd March.

"Hi Michael
We've got your order, but we're still confirming some of the details like delivery and go-live dates plus your first bill estimate. They'll be here shortly.
My package
Faster Fibre
Broadband & calls"


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Yes the number on my account is correct, I had TalkTalk broadband about 4 years ago with this number, I then moved to Plusnet and now I'm trying to switch back to TalkTalk. My new order number is N65450184. Thanks.

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Hi @mickb82


Is the number in your profile correct, It brings up an old disconnected account. 


Did you get an Order Number? 


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Hi @mickb82


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 





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InMany reasons mick

Payment method 

U need to cancel the old broudband and ask about the line as the line might be unavailable for a provider to take so make sure u ask about setting up the line 


Your card might be invalid or they might not like your credit history check go see if the. Purchase went through with your bank provider


Did u accept. The terms and conditions as there are multiple times u need to do that 


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If you would like the online support team to look into this for you make sure that your personal details including the order number are complete on your community profile here so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then give them until early next week to respond. 



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Hi, Thanks for the reply, it's not an upgrade order it's a new order, it shows on my online account but customer services can't find it on their system.

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If u already hv a modem(talktalk) it automaticlly increase the cap on your speed to the required if it is a compatible box


Ps by what u said If sounds like it has placed the upgrade order and it has gone through after two days the time it is takes to change your modem to the upgrade 

Or it failed becuase of your credit/debit 


Ps:I don't work for. Talktalk I'm a customer 


What speed did u upgrade too if u can remember how many mb/s then check at

fast. Com  your speed and see if its the paid for speed/upgrade


BTW the speed boost is an add on (extra) which will be charged on top of the normal price 

To conclude they probley increased your speed limit cap


Ps:the order might of failed becuase fibre might not. Not be available in your area u live in

Ps please leave a like if this helps as I'm a customer who doesn't get paid to help but I do it anyways tks