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Talktalk Email - Legit or Scam

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I received an email from 'Talktalk' which seemed legit, in as far as the internet in my neighborhood has recently been upgraded - but a month or so ago I upgraded from Fibre 35 to Fibre 65. I've seen no increase in my speed (31mpbs) since then and there are no offers showing in my account. The email i received asked me to call 0800 781 2197, so I did that. I ended up cutting the call because I couldnt make head or tail of what the guy was saying and despite asking, I didnt find out what my download speed and monthly cost would be. I reported the email to the phishing address, but if I am eligible for faster internet i'm all for it - just dont know if I being scammed or not. Should I be concerned? Or should I ring the main Talktalk number?



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Hi @thompson7719,


I can't comment on the legitimacy of the email. However if you were on Fibre 35 then you are only going to see any benefit when moving to Fibre 65 if you were already getting the full 40mbps speed out of your existing Fibre 35 connection.


Fibre 35 can provide speeds of up to 40mbps, all upgrading to Fibre 65 does is remove that 40mbps cap from the line. So if you were not being held back by that cap in the first place then upgrading will make no difference to your speeds.


TalkTalk should not offer you Fibre 65 unless it would make a noticeable improvement to your speed, so it may be that there is some issue that is holding your speeds back.


If you go to the Service Centre what does it show for your estimated speed range. If you log into your router to check your sync speed does this show speeds below that estimated range. If you run a speed test (ideally from both a wired and wireless device so that you can compare), how close are the speed test results to the sync speed shown on your router.


Staff here on the community should be able to pick this up tomorrow and check your connection and router to see if you are getting the speeds you should be.