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Talktalk Wi-Fi Extender Kit

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I recently purchased a TT Wi-Fi Extender Kit from the TT Accessories Store.

The sales information tells me I can add an additional Network Extender (the part with the antennae) but although one is shown on the store page, trying to select it just takes me back to the opening page.

Does anyone know if this is an issue with the website or with the supplier. Has anyone bought one recently?

Regards and thanks in anticipation.


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Hi Keith,

In the blurb included with this product it does say that it is designed and tested for TalkTalk’s network and to help ensure optimal performance, it is recommended that a maximum of two Wi-Fi Extenders are used at any one time.

In view of the above and that additional Extenders are advertised as being available (albeit not selectable on the stores website for some bizarre reason) I assumed it would work ok.

I am, by the way, using TT’s latest Wi-Fi Hub.

As you say, perhaps the preferable option would be two extender kits but quite apart from the use of another ethernet port on the router and another 13amp socket to power an additional network extender, there’s the additional cost of another kit.

It is particularly galling that two years ago these kits cost less than half of the current price. If I were a cynic, I could speculate that the price has been inflated to take advantage of the thousands of people now having to work from home and desperate to improve their home’s Wi-Fi.

Meantime, whilst I consider my options it would be nice if the TT accessory shop could sort their website out to reflect whether additional Extenders are available or not.

Many thanks for the information and advice.




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Using two wifi extender units back to one network connector unit may be possible, but there is, as far as I am aware, there is no documentation on how to do this.


In my opinion, it is counterproductive anyway, as you are creating a bottleneck like this. The speed between a network connector & one extender is 1Gbps (1000M). If two wifi extenders are connected to one network connector there is only 1Gbps max between the router & network connector (some routers are even worse as their LAN ports only work up to 100M - you don't specify which router you have).


What I always recommend is that each of the two wifi extenders connects back to its own network connector. OK, this means that two LAN ports are required on the router, but it removes the bottleneck I mentioned & I have proved that the two sets used in this way do work fine.

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Hi Itsmoth,


Would you be able to offer any assistance/advice @KeithFrench