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Talktalk cancelled my broadband order without telling me!!!

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I made an order for Talktalk Fibre 65 broadband on Tuesday 14th June and an engineer visit was booked for Friday 1st July. I received emails welcoming me to Talktalk and confirming my account number and that my direct debit had been set up so I assumed everything was fine.
I called Talktalk on Monday 27th June (two days ago) to check what time the engineer would be coming on Friday and I was told that my order had been cancelled! I'd received no contact from Talktalk since my initial order on 14th June and nothing to indicate that the order had been cancelled.
The person I spoke to said it was probably due to me not passing the credit check. I said that the Sales person on the 14th June had confirmed the credit check had gone through fine. She then said it may have been an issue with my direct debit details but wasn't able to explain why Talktalk hadn't contacted me about this.
She transferred me through to the Sales team and said they'd be able to confirm why the order had been cancelled. They said they couldn't help and put me through to the Order Management team. I had just started explaining the issue again when they hung up on me! That was at 6pm exactly so I don't know if it was because they were due to finish at 6pm but it wasn't very professional at all.
I then called the original Talktalk number again and had to explain the issue yet again to another advisor. She said that the Openreach engineer had cancelled the order on 14th June (which was the day it was placed) and that I would need to contact them the next day when they opened to find out why.
I called the number she gave me at about 9am yesterday and found that it was a Talktalk number rather than Openreach. I kept getting constantly transferred between the Sales and Order Management team and had to explain the issue again to a new advisor every time. Finally someone at Order Management said the issue was not down to Openreach at all (contrary to what a previous advisor had said) and said that the order had got 'stuck' in the system and was cancelled as a result. He said he would escalate the issue and that another department would have to remove the initial order (which would take up to 5 working days) and I would then have to call the Talktalk Sales team after this to place a brand new order.
I am very disappointed at this outcome as I was meant to have internet installed on Friday 1st July. I'm moving home and have already made plans to move in this weekend and now Talktalk are saying the internet won't be ready on 1st July due to the cancelled order, and they won't even be able to confirm if I can place a new order until I call them after five working days. It will probably take another 2-3 weeks at least for an engineer appointment so essentially I will have to wait for another month through no fault of my own.
Has anyone else been in a similar situation and how was it resolved? I spent an hour on the phone to Talktalk on Monday and another three hours yesterday and feel like I'm going around in circles and having to explain the issue to different advisors every time with nobody taking ownership of the problem. I get ! different reason from every advisor as to why the order was cancelled (credit check, direct debit, Openreach cancelling it, order getting stuck in Talktalk's system) and feel that it's very unprofessional that Talktalk didn't bother to tell me about the cancellation - it was when I called two days ago to check the engineer appointment time that I found out!


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Hi DY12345


Sorry I cant see any reason why it was cancelled, you will have to call us and place a new order. 


Apologies again. 


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@Arne-TalkTalk Any update on this please? The engineer was originally meant to come out this morning to set up internet.


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Thanks - I haven't been given an order number but I've added my account number to my profile. Let me know if you need any further info.


Support Team
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HI @DY12345


Sorry that you are having problems. 


Do you have an order number, if you can add it to your community profile I can investigate.


Thank you.