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Trying to Port forward 4000, 6112

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I've been having trouble opening my port 4000 and 6112. It's for an old PC game Diablo 2. Unless the external host needs to be anything other than an asterisk, I'm at a loss on what I've done wrong. Older routers I would just plug in the IP address and port ranges. Any advice on how to open the port? 


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Hi @SimpleNuj 


@Michelle-TalkTalk has asked me to help you. I am assuming by your comment about the external IP address being an asterisk, that you have the Sagemcom FAST 5364 router? Please can you include screenshots (not photos) of your port forwarding configuration so as I can check it for you? When you do this, please use the Insert Photos/Images button on the toolbar & ensure that you set the size option within it to large.


Have you made this device's IP address either DHCP Reserved or a static IP address configured on the device itself? If the latter, this must be outside of the range of IP addresses used by the router's DHCP server.


What OS is hosting this game? If a Windows PC, have you allowed it through the PC's own firewall via an inbound rule?

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@KeithFrench - Would you be able to offer any advice please?


Thanks 🙂