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Unable to connect to new fibre outside my door

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Three months ago OpenReach installed fibre cable in the pavement right outside my house. They also threaded a blue rope from the pavement box to my house. They said, "When your own service provider requests us to connect it we will come back and run the last piece of fibre to your house".
I've been on TalkTalk chat numerous times and each time I do I am told I am already on the fastest possible and I cannot request a faster service. I've tried to explain what Openreach told me but the person on chat does not understand.
So I'm stuck. I cannot get the fibre broadband connected as I cannot get anyone from TalkTalk to request it from Openreach.
My neighbour is with BT and has just had his connected. I asked him how and he said that BT requested the final bit of fibre from Openreach.
I don't want to switch to BT, I'd much rather stick with TalkTalk but I cannot see how to get the fibre connected.  I also emailed '' two weeks ago but have had no response.
If there is anyone who can tell me how I can get the blue rope replaced with fibre I would be extremely grateful!

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Thanks very much for your explanation, at least I know why I cannot get it now!




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TT are not selling Openreach FTTP to existing customers at the moment.


Keep checking you online account for when it does become available.


When they do, you should be aware that their offering is a fibre-only service and does not include any landline phone service.


BT are offering the ability to keep your landline for now, so if that is important to you, currently that is your only option is you need the phone service.