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Unable to use my broadband

Margarida araujo
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I had talk talk super fiber installed last month, unfortunately, my speeds should be around 60mgbs, i'm lucky if sometimes i have 20mgbs.

I've called them , when they still used to actually pick up the phone, and sometimes they say everything is good, and the last time they told me the router was faulty so they have send me another one, once they even told me if i needed an engineer to come to my house and fix the problem, i would have to pay for it....Their service is faulty, and i still have to pay to fix it....

10 days have gone and my internet has speeds lower than 15mgbs, sometimes even lower than 10. Normally it also goes off during nights, i have to keep resetting the modem, after i do the speed goes up to 20mgbs, but then it starts dropping.

I have been trying to call but no one answers, the live chat is a joke because it takes over an hour just to go over the security checks.

I need my problem fixed or i need to cancel my contract, i have already sent 2 emails to, but still haven't had a response.#

Also monthly bill was supposed to be £34, but ive paid £36....i dont know why i was charged more, and never even had the service i was told i was going to get.

This is by far the worst broadband service i have ever had, and i've lived in 4 different countries.

I just need my service fixed or my contract cancelled before my next bill is due.





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Hi Margarida araujo


Apologies for this.


To place a cancellation you can call our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours on 03451720046


We are sorry but due to the current Covid-19 situation we have reduced staffing levels and there may be a wait time to answer your call, but our teams are working hard to support all our customers at this unprecedented time.






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I've done all that, my speed wont go over 20mgbs, when it gets to that...keeps going off, i need to reset the modem several times a day. I did buy super fast fiber speed based on the speed that gets to my modem, but for the speed i get in my devices, and i'm surprised to know my line is fine, when in my talk talk account it says, its faulty.

I have sent 2 complaints to your "concerns" email, and i will send one more.

I am unable to speak to anyone to fix my problem, and my patience has run out.

I am working from home so i need a fast connection, and yours is slower than i previously had with my last provider, and its interfering with the ability to do my job.

I want to cancel my contract, starting imediatly, on the grounds of bad internet connection, extremely low speeds for what i'm paying and completely lake of support from your end to fix the issue. I understand know why you have been named the UK's worst broadband provider.

Also when I signed up with you your website stated you'd guarantee a minimum speed...which you never did, so i would like to have my money refunded.

Since you re the only one i seem to be able to speak, i would also like to know why have i paid my last bill £36 when it should have been £34.

I need some confirmation that my contract has been cancelled, before my next bill is due, so i can cancel the payment with the bank.

I will not pay another bill but i cannot have my credit score affected because of you, so PLEASE confirm that my contract has been cancelled.

I have both rooters you ve sent me, let me know what do you want me to do with them, i'm happy to send them back, however i will not pay to do so.

I am going to report this to the due channels, and if i'm not refunded, i will take this matter further. Its not about the money, its the lack of after sales support that your company has had, you state in your website that you'll do anything in your power to assist, but thats nothing more than marketing and propaganda. I have been complaining about this since day 1, a month after the problem continues.



Hope to hear from you soon


Kind regards





Support Team
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Hi Margarida araujo


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults and your line is in sync at 80mb.


Are you connected wired or wireless when you experience this fault?


Please can you power down your router for a full 30 minutes and then run a speed test once the router is switched back on?






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Hi @Margarida araujo 


I have asked one of TalkTalk's OCEs to pick your thread up and investigate it for you.

The forum is not real-time 24/7 support, so depending on how busy they are & how many are working at any one time, this can take 24 - 48 hrs (excluding weekends & limited cover on Bank Holidays). The posts are responded to in time/date order, oldest first. So the fewer entries you make on your thread now, the sooner they will pick it up.

To save yourself time, please make sure that your community profile includes your first & last names, broadband phone number & if possible an alternative contact number. This can be done by clicking on your Avatar picture then click on "My Settings" followed by:-

Personal Profile > Personal Information

Otherwise, TalkTalk will not be able to tie up your forum username to your broadband account. Only you & TalkTalk have visibility of your details.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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