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Upgrade to Faster Fibre from ADSL2+

First Timer
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I work from my mum's house once a week and we were offered the upgrade from ADSL2+ to VDSL at a good price. So I pushed the button just before Christmas.


Some questions as didn't get much back from TalkTalk on the process. I work in IT so I'm pretty familiar with the nuts and bolts.


  1. Currently using a HG633 router - this appears to support VDSL as well so will we continue to use the same router or will a new router been sent out?
  2. Firmware is v2.00t - does the HG633 update themselves or is it a manual process? If so, are the later versions stable?
  3. For reasons I can't quite fathom, this router has never connected to the internet out of the box - I had to request the PPP username and password and enter these manually. Will the same username and passwords continue to work on VDSL?
  4. Account page shows a proposed go live of 6th Jan - is it possible that engineers might be doing "something" on the line now as the DSL link is very unstable today? The link has dropped four times in the last 30 minutes. Currently it's been up for 8 minutes... the router itself has been up 91 days - might try a reboot 

Thanks, Rob.


Support Team
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Hi Rob,


Welcome to the Community 🙂


1- The HG633 is a fibre compatible router so you wouldn't receive a new router unless this was agreed as part of the upgrade process.


2- V2.00 is currently the latest version of firmware for the HG633 router at the moment. The router will update the latest version automatically.


3. The current router should just connect once the upgrade to fibre completes.


In regards to the stability of the connection at the moment, if you would like us to take a look at this then can you please update your community profile to include your:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Alternative contact number

We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated.