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Upgrading from broadband to fibre

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Looking to upgrade to Fibre as my contract is expiring soon.

I see from "My upgrades" there is an option to upgrade to fibre for 18 months @ £25, however I am unable to determine what is included.
Can a member of staff please advise me what is included before I click the "Confirm" button.
Now BB are offering a similar deal with 6 months free now tv but I would rather stay put here with TT as I have had decent service this past 8 years.


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Calls to 03 numbers are also included with TalkTalk. As are calls to Uk mobiles, I don’t know if that is the case with NOW.


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So just off the phone and the best offer available to me is to upgrade to fibre £22.50 pm with calls at £7.50pm for a total of £30 pm.
Given that my current deal is normal bb + calls is £33.38 it seems like a reasonable offer, but when I compare it to Now Broadband deal of £30 with calls that include 0345/0370 and 6 months TV on top it looks less attractive. Origin are equally good deals so looks like I will be moving along, shame TT are unable to match but hey ho.



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Yeah you are right about a need to keep on your toes. price for being lazy tbh and I really need to sort the other utilities out as never switched any of them yet.

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You do need to keep on your toes as far as offers are concerned, be it it with TalkTalk or other providers, there always seems to a better one coming along.


Here is my personal advice, no strings, no commission! With your contract about to expire I suggest you contact TalkTalk again, ask for the loyalty team specifically, or say "thinking of leaving" on the voice prompt. Tell them what you have told us: i.e. a bit disillusioned as a loyal customer, number of years, better offers available elsewhere - give specific details e.g. the NOW offer - and tell them you would be prepared to stay if they can match what is available elsewhere. Otherwise be clear that you will be prepared to leave. Whatever you do though DON'T cancel, that will mess things up. If you do ultimately decide to switch make sure your new provider should arrange all that for you.


Good luck!


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Runs out 2nd April, I just stayed after my last contact ran out and when I realized new customers were getting better deals felt abused so called TT to ask why there was no benefit to being loyal and got a reasonable deal for under £25.
I wouldn't care but when I took this contract I had already been with TT for over 6 years
It was £24.95 but they increased it without warning to £26.45 back in July and now its at £33.38 and that's for standard broadband.
I feel like they are taking the pee now, especially when I can get faster for less and with free TV included and on a shorter contract.
Will give it till Tuesday to see if a better offer from TT is made available.

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@MorrisMinor wrote:

I am struggling to justify staying put with TT right now at £60 over the year and 6 months longer contract.


Rock and a hard place then @MorrisMinor eh; I found myself in the same situation!




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Looks like a good deal, by all means go for it. How long do you have left on your TalkTalk contract?


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@ferguson Ended up ringing support to check and the cost and it is indeed £25 and the anytime calls another £7 on top. A little haggling got the total down to £30
Given that anytime calls excludes 0857 and 0870 numbers.


Looking at competition NowBroadband they offer fibre at 25 which includes line rental, anytime calls (all numbers) and a bonus of 6 months Now TV and only 12 months contract.


I am struggling to justify staying put with TT right now at £60 over the year and 6 months longer contract.



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@MorrisMinor wrote:

I get this

..... and the link that Divsec left you previously - https😕/ 


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 15.20.01.png


...... does that not provide access either?




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Right, well the actual cost will be what is shown on that page, plus whatever Boosts you are currently paying for, if any. Have you tried accessing Live chat via My Account? I actually got a pop up invite when checking the details earlier, plus you should have a green tab on the right hand side offering the option also. Otherwise sit tight until Monday and wait for the support team.


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@ Ferguson yes I get that page but I want to see a detailed one showing the actual cost

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I get this


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You should be presented with a full page of details of your order before confirming, something like this:


Screenshot 2019-03-23 at 14.18.57.png

Are you seeing something else?


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Try this route @MorrisMinor .............




Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 13.42.18.png


........ you may need to wait a while!




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Not seeing any chat options, using windows10 and Google Chrome with or without my adblocker.
I logged into Linux and using Chromium with and without adblocker still no chat options

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Try this https😕/ notice the chat tab bottom right?

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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ty Divsec, I looked on the website for online chat options and found none

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Hi MorrisMinor your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear back on Monday. You might try the customer loyalty team on chat if you want an earlier response, don't forget to request a transcript of the conversation!

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.