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Upgrading to Fibre Broadband?

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I have normal broadband (phone line and wired router) and my contract is supposed to end in August.


Even though my current broadband drops connection every now and again, I haven't had to contact technical support for years. The last thing I want is to do is change to something new that is going to cause problems. I'd rather not take that risk. I would prefer slow broadband that works, rather than fast broadband that causes problems.


Usually, folk only visit or post on boards when they have a problem, however, I would like to ask if there is anyone who can say that upgrading to fibre has NOT caused any problems at all and everything worked and still works as it should and has been for some time?


I also have a question for something I don't quite understand. When I contacted TalkTalk, they said that the necessary work that needs to be done will be done so at the local cabinet and no one will need to visit my property. So does nothing else need to be done? Does fibre broadband just come into the property via the normal BT telephone cable line that's already in place?


Another question I have is that in the computer world, speeds in theory are not always the same as speeds in practice, so when I read about being able to download such and such in a few seconds with fibre, is this really the case in real life and does it depend on anything else, for example, would any hardware or cable for the computer system need to be upgraded in order to achieve the relevant speeds or would the same old equipment I currently have allow the same speeds?


Thank you for any assistance.



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Hi TalkerToo,


Thanks for letting us know how you've got on. Just let us know if you need any further assistance 🙂



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Hello all.


I am just posting an update of the outcome of my opting to change to fibre.


I received my new router (in plain packaging, haha) and connected it immediately to my computer and it worked fine with my normal broadband. On my go live date, I wasn't even expecting it to have been already done yet, but when I went on the net in the morning (about 11-11:30 am) it had already been done!


I checked the speed online and it was 36.3Mb/s. I've checked it again now and it's 34.1Mb/s, so I'm assuming this is over the guaranteed speed (I can't remember/didn't hear what they said). Obviously, there is a world of difference between the speed of actually downloading a file from a website that you normally would and the speed of the speed checker download. I initially got very worried because by some coincidence, the very first file I downloaded from a usual website suddenly got painfully slow, which I don't think it has been before, so I naturally thought something about the change was to blame, but it must've been just some other reason.


So, thankfully, everything seems to have worked out very well. Thank you to everyone for your advice and comments.

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@Dzisiaj101 You must phone up again to cancel, you have 20 days from placing your order. 


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A few days ago I have spoken on the phone  to someone from talktalk about upgrading

my present connection to high speed one. But there is no access point of Direct fibre connection to my house. So it is pointless to go ahead with upgrading. Please counsel my verbal agreement maid over the phone.


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As martswain said, the cabinet could be for something else, so nothing's for sure! The one opposite the house wasn't on the map either.


I forgot to comment about the noise. It was both noisy in the call centre and I don't think the line was a very good one, but if it's overseas, then it's probably normal/expected.


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That's fine, just ignore what I have advised you and keep plugging away, Google can be such fun.  😉

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I have entered my telephone number at the following website and it says that the Operator is BT and according to their map, the nearest green cabinet is about one street away.



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Ok, thanks for the info.


One more thing, my details state that I have ordered the following also.


Pause and rewind live TV
Up to 80 Freeview channels
Add & remove channels, including Sky Sports & Sky Cinema, on a flexible 1 month contract


I don't think I'm being charged for this as it doesn't mention any charges, but is this normally part of the package and can I ask to exclude it or does it just stay like that?





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I meant to post the address link, you do not have a BT line, you have a TalkTalk one. You are not the first to conflate BT residential with BT wholesale and Openreach, least of all themselves. 😉

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Yep, so that is marginal as to whether you would get value for money with speed boost. TalkTalk may have slightly different ways of calculating the speed your line can achieve, so if they thought it was going to be a little less, maybe 42 - 46 for example. Then seeing as you can get 40 from the standard package you are unlikely to really notice any 'speed boost' from having the speed boost !!.

Also one other thing to consider. By sticking with the standard package you may actually have a more stable connection. Assuming your line is capable of 46 - 50 (as BT say) then if you had the speed boost your router would be connecting at the absolute fastest speed it could achieve, giving you the least headroom for any noise or interference that might cause connection issues. By sticking with standard fibre your router will only ever connect at 40mbps max, so that means it won't be pushing itself to the limit of your line, and there will be more headroom for random noise and interference to occur on your line without it causing your router to drop the connection.


Also for @Debbie-TalkTalk to be able to check the speed the TalkTalk system thinks your line could achieve, she will need to be able to identify your account, to allow her to do this you will need to update your community profile to include your name, landline telephone number that your TalkTalk service is provided on & alternative contact number.

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Thanks again for the advice/info.


Please see the results of my travels around the web below.


There is no data available for this number. This could be either because it is not a BT line or it is a new BT number that has just been provided. Most new numbers will appear on the checker 24 hours after BT has installed the line


(*The phone line is in fact a BT one and I've had it for over 13 years.)


We are sorry but the checker is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later.


Great news
You could be doing more online with superfast Fibre 1, and you can get BT TV. See below for your personal speed range.
Fibre 1
Your download speed range - 46Mb - 50Mb
Your Stay Fast Guarantee - 40Mb



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The 40mbps and 70mbps packages are exactly the same product, it is just that the 40mbps package is capped to a 40mbps top speed.


So if the maximum speed your phone line is capable of (based on its length and quality) is 35mbps (for example), then regardless of which package you had you could only ever get a speed of up to 35mbps. So in this example having the speed boost would just be a waste of your money, as you can get up to 40mbps on the standard fibre package.


There is only a benefit of paying for the speed boost if your line is able to support a speed a decent amount above 40mbps.


The link @ferguson posted is a really useful one that I've often used before, that will show you the maximum speed that BT think your line could achieve.

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There are green phone-only cabinets as well as fibre cabinets, 


Depending on how your phone line is routed, it may not actually be connected to the fibre cabinet that is closest to your home, I am in that situation.




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That green cabinet across the road may not necessarily be the one you are connected to. It will have a number painted on it, see if that matches up with the details here. You will see estimated speeds there also.


The other thing is that you mentioned "the phone line was noisy," do you mean noise in the call centre, or on the line itself? If the latter then that may need investigating.

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Thank you all for your helpful replies.


There is a green cabinet directly opposite the house on the other side of the pavement, so if it is that, I assume that distance shouldn't be a factor, in which case, is there any other reason they would say it's not available to me?


In the computer world, it is known that theoretical speeds are just theoretical, but I thought there might have been a difference in speed between whatever speed the 38 Mb/s package actually gave and whatever speed the 68 Mb/s actually gave.


The phone line was noisy, so I couldn't hear/understand most of the terms and conditions read to me over the phone.


A speed test on my current broadband now shows 4.1 Mb/s.


Thanks for the info, Clawman.


OCE_Debbie, yes, would you be able to answer my query, please? That is, I ordered Faster Fibre (38 Mb/s), but when I asked about the next speed up (67 Mb/s), they said it was not available. How can one be available and the other one not, bearing in the mind the green cabinet may possibly be just across the road from the house? Thank you.



Support Team
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Hi TalkerToo


Apologies for the delay.


I can see that our Community Members have been helping.


Do you need any further help with this?





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@Clawman If you are not getting at least your guaranteed minimum speed then you can leave without penalty, subject to giving TalkTalk a chance to see if they can improve it for you. If you start your own topic the support team will gladly look into this for you.

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To     TalkerToo

My 36Mbps package said I should expect to get Max 30Mbps    Typ.  15 - 29Mbps  minm 11Mbps. 

But I'm only getting 9.7ish as previous reply.  It seems to me they don't let the truth get in the way of a good story. And love confusion, it gives them licence !

Sorry just my take on it    AL

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To     TalkerToo

I did the same as you, with the same hopes !!  Go live date 23.7.2020 as of today my speed went from 5 to 9.7Mbs upload and after 13days it's still the same. After 2 attempts by them to test my line and go thro all sorts of tests and predictions by them (sessions took 90mins ea) there has been no improvement. Faster fibre 16 to 35Mbs I'd be happy with 30 something. I was getting 5 on standard BB but the hassle and getting nowhere makes my doubt my sanity.  I've been a customwe for 15+ years on Bband

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Do not get confused by the "38" speed, that is just the way the service is advertised and is a generic speed averaged across all customers, as agreed between OFCOM and the ASA.


When you ordered you should have been given a specific estimate for you line, that would have included estimated speed range and a minimum speed guarantee.


This minimum can be well below 38 if your distance to the cabinet is long.