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Upload speed capped ONLY on PC and Laptop devices

Team Player

For background: recently I had an issue where my broadband and phone line stopped working, I was sent an engineer who fixed it and I bought the Wifi Hub around the same time to replace it with my superrouter. Anyhow, prior to the issue I went through, the super router would give me around 35-40mbps download speed and ~9mbps upload speed. However after the issue and the replacement of the super router with the wifi hub, my upload speed has taken a toll.



The confusing part is this however: although I'm getting around 7.5mbps upload speed on my phones (which is still below the 8.5/9mbps I used to get), the upload speed on my computer and laptop (even when it is close to the router) is CAPPED at 6.7mbps. It refuses to go above. Whenever I try a speed test, it stays at 6.7. Never above and rarely below. 


I have ran speed tests through talktalk and other 3rd party website with the same result. My phone upload speed reaches at around 7.5mbps (which is still below what I expect) however on the PC and laptop it is stuck at 6.7mbps. 


Furthermore, my upload speed is synced at 7.2mbps (as states on the router's homepage), prior to this it was even lower syncing at 6mbps. Even then, my PC and laptop would max out at 5.4mbps whereas the upload speed on my phone would push this number and sometimes reach 7mbps. 


Last thing, the download speed is fine on all PC, Laptops and phone devices. It is only the upload speed which is a problem, and it is only further worsened due to the fact that I stream on my PC and require it to reach at least 8.0-8.2mbps (which it used to easily reach with no drops). I'm not sure what the issue here is.