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Using Talk Talk Wifi Router with another provider. Sagemcom-FAST5364

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Are you able to let me know how I can put in a username and password for another broadband supplier on my TalkTalk Wifi Router.  I have been a talktalk customer for many years and the router is configured for the many devices that are connected to it.  Changing the router would be a pain.


I have a Sagemcom-FAST5364 version SG4K10002816t


I have the username and password from my new provider.  I just need the means to change it on the router.


Do I need a firmware upgrade to do so?


Serial NumberHardware VersionSoftware VersionGUI Version


As a responsible internet provider who would believe in reducing electrical and plastic waste, I am sure you wouldnt lock your hardware so that it cant be used with another provider.


Serial Number N7192544N024685

Hardware Version FAST5364 3.00

Software Version SG4K10002816t

GUI Version 3.7.8






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Just two thoughts:


  • TalkTalk don't use a username and password on their fibre links.  They auto negotiate the connection, so it is possible that the username/password facility is not present or has been removed from the UI.  If the latter then it might be possible to access it via Telnet, if the Telnet interface is available on the router.
  • Depending on how you got the router you may have to return it when you leave TalkTalk, eg if it is a replacement router.  If they do require it's return then you could probably pay for it instead.  If that were the case it might be worth considering using the money to buy a 3rd party router instead.  At least then you could get firmware updates etc.

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You should probably also consider that if you leave, TalkTalk may ask for their router to be returned to them.

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Hi Martin,


Thanks for your thoughts.  I would have thought that too but you there is no option.  I have been through every conceivable option on the router. You have to log in to set up ip address for example.


The router will accept a file firmware upgrade, there is an option to do so.  However, you would have to be given one for it to work.


Havent left Talk Talk yet.  Its imminent but not complete.





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I am pretty sure you can edit the username and password by logging in to the router interface at and going to the appropriate section.


You cannot however get any further firmware updates once you leave TT as all of those are pushed over their own network.