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Using a Tp-link TD-W8961N router with Fibre 35 - settings needed?

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I'm trying to connect the TP-Link router but it's not allowing me to connect. The only thing I've added is my phone number as the username.


Could someone please advise me if there are other settings.


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Thanks Birchcroft, the paragraph I'd referred to indeed stated TD-W9970 supports VDSL. I should have noticed that. I'll return it to Amazon and perhaps purchase a TD-W9970 as it should work.

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Hi @stephenco agreed it does say the TD-W9970 supports VDSL which it does and it should work with Fibre 35.  However you stated that you are trying to setup the TD-W8961N which is ADSL with no support for VDSL and therefore will not work with Fibre 35.


If you actually have the TD-W9970 then you should set it to VDSL and follow TalkTalk's guide to setting up non-TalkTalk routers.

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I took a quick look at and it seems to suggest in the 4th paragraph that 'Compatible with Fiber/Cable service' and that 'The TD-W9970 supports VDSL/ADSL'. I'm a little confused.


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Hi @stephenco a guide to setting up 3rd party routers can be found here.


However a quick look on the internet would seem to indicate that the TD-W8961N is an ADSL router and does not support VDSL.  If that is the case then it won't work with Fibre 35.