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Velop Tri-Band Mesh Network

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I have tried extenders and power line adapters but not reliable enough.

Can somebody help please ?

1. Can I use my wifi hub as a router and use the three Velop Triband as nodes only ? Or shouldI change router to modem only.  I really need three nodes so alternative is to buy one more Velop.

2. Can I still connect one range extender as well as the mesh network.

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The term "WiFi extender" is often misleading, because some vendors market WiFi repeaters wrongly as extenders. Repeaters in most cases can give poor performance compared to a true WiFi extender, but even with these, if the WiFi spectrum is not checked with a WiFi analyser and channels set accordingly, they can make things worse.


I would never invest any money at all, without first using a WiFi Analyser, because if the 2.4GHz band particularly is over congested, you will never be able to fix this with extra hardware. I can provide a lot of help like this.


I have never heard of this mesh system, but if you go with it, using any form of WiFi extender in with it, it very likely to conflict with it & make things worse.


No current TalkTalk router supports "modem mode", but it still can be used as an initial router, but with a Mesh system, make sure that the router's WiFi is disabled.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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The Linksys Velop Tri-Band WHW0303 is regarded as one of the best mesh systems available and I am extremely surprised you have not heard of it.

Linksys absolutely reccommend that you connect first unit by ethernet cable to TalkTalk wifi hub and turn off wifi in talktalk hub. Their software enables you to best position the nodes.

They also state that connecting a range extender like D_Link DAP 520 which I have is ok and would not interfere with the Mesh network. I would give the extender a seperate SSID and password.

I was really interested to hear from people familiar with this Mesh system.

But thank you for your input.