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Very erratic speeds and regular disconnections

Whizz Kid
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I have had the Huawei superouter for many years without any problems. I have checked the internet channels and all seems clear. I randomly check my speeds and have never seen one below 30Mbps. The last week has seen 3 disconnections, 1 on Saturday and 1 today. The router says it is connected to the internet but all devices (including the wired devices) all show the internet is not available. Rebooting the router resolves the problem. Today, it has taken ages to load webpages. The last 2 days appear to have had speeds all over the place. I cannot see when speeds are fast or slow, just notice them at various points of the day. I checked today with repeated tests using the TT speed checker and got some very erratic speeds, some incredibly lower than the lowest I have seen before:

18:22  12.1 Mbps (7.1 Mbps)

18.23  24.2 (4.9)

18.24  11.8 (7.3)

18.25  7.2 (1.3)

18.26  5.9 (3.4)

18.27  7.5 (6.8)

18.52  22.9 (7.2)

18.53  17.9 (7.3)
18.54  12.3 (5.6)


As it's difficult to find a fast or slow minute of the day, I ran the ping test and got this:


Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.476]
(c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=178ms TTL=56
Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=56
Reply from bytes=32 time=133ms TTL=56
Reply from bytes=32 time=41ms TTL=56

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 11ms, Maximum = 178ms, Average = 90ms


Traceroute test:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.476]
(c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 9 ms 2 ms 2 ms
2 10 ms 9 ms 13 ms []
3 24 ms 15 ms 8 ms []
4 9 ms 154 ms 44 ms []
5 * * * Request timed out.
6 86 ms 9 ms 14 ms
7 36 ms 14 ms 43 ms
8 17 ms 14 ms 15 ms
9 18 ms 40 ms 101 ms
10 21 ms 8 ms 15 ms
11 10 ms 17 ms 46 ms
12 31 ms 30 ms 15 ms []

Trace complete.


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Hi Garawa,


It looks as though DLM changed your profile yesterday, current sync speed is 32.4Mbps, how has it been since your last update?




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Seems OK so far. Speeds are showing a bit lower than yesterday (10Mbps) but is stable. I will monitor it today and report back later.


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I have run a few speed tests since. It is barely reaching 10Mbps and most times (including a few seconds ago) it is lower than 1Mbps.


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Speeds for about 45 minutes haven't risen above 0.6Mbps. Even basic web-browsing on 1 device is problematic. Upload speed is 6Mbps.


Rebooted the router and speed is 7Mbps. I have asked many times and not received an answer: how can I have upload speeds that are 10 times faster than download speeds? Seems I am back to rebooting the router to get enough speed to do anything even basic.


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Hi Garawa,


If the sync speed is OK, which it is, then if the downstream throughput speed is much lower than the upstream then this would usually be caused by a device on your network using all the bandwidth or very high number of downstream errors, (line test did show high errors)


All wifi channels appear to be congested which isn't going to help but this doesn't explain why you have the same issue on devices connected to your router by Ethernet cable

My previous line test failed but I've just run another and it's now passing, how is it this morning?





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WELL! I have run several speed tests and am receiving over 25Mbps on ethernet - speeds I haven't seen since the engineers left each time! What alteration has occurred because clearly this is a significant change to my service?


As you correctly say, my speeds shouldn't have been so slow on my PC connected via ethernet so it wasn't all about congestion. This also affected the Sky box connected the same way which has been taking 2 hours just to download 20% of an HD movie before it becomes available to watch when I could stream a UHD instantly before. Also, I seem to get slower speeds when I am barely using anything at all!


I will continue to monitor it and report back. The last 5 Sundays have been problematic so here's hoping we get a weekend without any problems. Thank you.


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Thanks for the update, glad to hear you've seen some improvement 



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Speeds have risen to over 30Mbps now, long may it continue! Was anything changed to achieve this? Perhaps the brief powercut we had in the night during the thunderstorm sorted it ha ha.


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That's great news - (it doesn't really say what work was done). Please let us know if you experience any further problems



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Speed is still great. We have had several dropouts this morning and I can't even run a speed test on the PC connected via ethernet when this happens. They only last a few seconds however then speeds are 30Mbps again so its more frustrating than it is unusable as it kicks you out of some activities each time.


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Still good speeds but the cutouts are becoming unworkable. We are "losing" internet connections every couple of minutes. In fact, I am running a speed test every minute or so before I send messages like this or an email. The first was this morning, nothing using the internet in the house apart from my mobile. My PC hardwired has confirmed the regular dropouts.


This will be a major problem. My wife is a key worker working from home and uses a connection to her work server. When the internet drops to 0.0, she loses connection and it terminates her session. Any work she was working on is lost and it takes a while to reconnect. If the internet drops out this frequently, she will potentially lose work every couple of minutes and its possible she may lose connection before initiating a new session!


My issue started with slow speeds and regular dropouts (about 2 a day). After 7 months, finally my speed is what it should be but the dropouts have increased to a crazy amount.


{Edit} Almost 2 hours later and speeds have increased and dropouts have reduced. I will keep checking.


Support Team
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Hi Garawa,


Sorry for the delay and to hear this. As the line test is now clear the next step will be to arrange an engineer visit to the property. Would you like us to arrange this for you?





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I will hold off for now, thank you. My speed has been good yesterday and today and I didn't notice any drop outs yesterday even though our internet use was considerable more. It seems there is a major problem on Sundays and have been for the last 6 so I will see how this week pans out.


It has been many months since I've had 25Mbps+ for consecutive days and it only dropped briefly late on Sunday.


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Hi Garawa,


Ok thanks for confirming and I'll check back in with you on Monday to see how the connection has been.





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Well, infuriatingly, my connection has been stable and fast since Friday 26th!!! Whatever work has been completed has appeared to resolve the problem (but nobody seems to know what that was). It happened after a brief powercut in the village during a storm. Maybe that did it.


The reason this is infuriating is that I decided to leave TT on the 28th because the issue had been present for several months and my wife faces losing her job if she cannot work from home effectively as she is a key worker. Such a shame that it has taken this long but thank you for resolving the problem.


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Glad to hear that the issue has finally been resolved for you.





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