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Very unreliable connection and cannot contact TalkTalk

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I am a homeworker and usually I get a rock solid service from TalkTalk, but for the last two weeks my service has been dropping out right in the middle of Skype and Teams conference calls. It starts with a bad connection and then the connection drops completely and I have to reboot the router.


I use a hard-wired UTP connection from my router to my desktop, so this is not a WiFi issue, it is a loss of connection to the router itself.


I have tried the 'test line' function and it says everything ok and no issues in my area, but obviously there are! I am in the SN15 area if that helps identify if others are having the same problem.


Many thanks.

Please do not adjust your mind... there is a temporary fault in reality

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Hi Orthogonal,


I'm sorry for the delay. Could you confirm if the telephone number in your Community Profile is correct please? Please do not post any personal information on the Community.





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Hi @Chris-TalkTalk 


Thank you for your reply.


The line check always comes back with a very stable connection... apart from when it is not working! You measured my sync speed as 16.7Mbps which I assume was my upload speed because I measured down as 69.7Mbps and up as 18.6Mbps just now.


I am not sure what you mean about it being a long time since my router was rebooted; I rebooted it somewhere between 5 and 10 times last week, but I will reboot it again now if you think I should?!


My point is that I do not have a problem usually (or now); it just dropped in and out randomly last week and I am surprised that your examination of the logs did not pick that up or the fact that I rebooted quite a few times.

Please do not adjust your mind... there is a temporary fault in reality

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Hi Orthogonal,


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with your service. We are doing our best in these unprecedented circumstances due to the Corona Virus


Your connection appears to be very stable connection with low error count and sync speed of 16.7Mbps. Line history shows that your router hasn't been rebooted for a long time so could you switch it off and leave it off for a couple of minutes then switch back on and monitor to see if there's any improvement




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Just a quick update...


Absolutely nothing from TalkTalk yet. Three Microsoft Teams calls ground to a halt and dropped this morning reporting my internet connection as the weak link (everyone else on the call were fine, but most of them have BT broadband). Unsurprisingly, my line check comes through as perfect with no service issues reported in my area (the latter because it is impossible to report any at the moment maybe?).


Very disappointed as I have been a TalkTalk customer since many years before it even became TalkTalk.

Please do not adjust your mind... there is a temporary fault in reality

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Thank you @Taylerw , much appreciated.


I have just had to restart my router again to be able to type this reply.


Best regards

Please do not adjust your mind... there is a temporary fault in reality

Enlightened One
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Hi @Orthogonal I have passed this onto the team to pick up.