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Want to upgrade my router

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Hi all

i have a vr900 Archer with fibre 65 but I want to upgrade but I have no idea what I need. There is wifi 6, routers, modem routers, etc. Do I need a modem router and if so is there any modern ones since I can only find the TP link vr2800. Help please I have no idea and need a better one due to internet tv these days. 


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Just one final thought.  Given combined modem/routers seem to be becoming less common these days you might be able to use your current VR900 as a modem, by putting it in modem only mode, check TP-Link Forums for advice/guidance and then you can take you pick from a whole range of new Routers by doing an internet searchusing terms such as "best home routers 2021" or "best wireless routeres".


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Thanks - I think I know what to put in now - the talktalk one drops signals on devices and the talktalk one is slower than my old vr900 so had to go back to  vr900 but i think it has nearly burnt itself out so have to get something else nowadays with all these wireless devices nowadays. Everything was a mash this or a mash that and I had no idea since it all used to sell as bt line compatible or bt line something in the past. 

once again thanks for your feedback 


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Hi @Hellodas you say you want to upgrade but it's not really clear why you need to.  You say it's because of internet TV but most  customers manage to access internet TV with setups similar to yours.   So here a few things to consider when deciding if/how-to upgrade.

  • What speed are you getting on your broadband connection, as this will be the limiting factor when it comes down to what you can download, eg the number of simultaneous TV steams.
  • Do you really need the latest features, such as WiFi 6, which are not currently not supported by many devices and almost certainly not by your current devices.
  • For fibre65 you do need a VDSL modem.  This can either be built into the router as with your current device or it can be a separate, standalone unit, to which you connect a router.  It is cheaper to buy a combined modem/router.  You will probably have a wider choice of routers if you go for separate units.
  • Are you intending to connect your devices using wireless or wired connections.  If wireless you need to make sure the device you choose produces a signal that reaches everywhere you need it to.  Eg do you need a mesh system or WiFi extender.
  • Do you need any advanced features, such as a sophisticated firewall, QoS, etc.
  • Why not use the TalkTalk supplied modem/router.


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If you want a general discussion among community members, @Hellodas, maybe post in the lounge in the technology section:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi @Hellodas,


If you were having issues with a TalkTalk router then this would be the ideal place for help, but the staff here can't provide direct support for non TalkTalk equipment.


Please can you clarify why you think you need a new router, i.e. what problems are you experiencing with the current one that you are hoping to resolve with a new one.


The VR900 is a modem/router, i.e. it does the job of being a modem (handling the signal from your phone line) and a router (distributing the internet connection to all of your devices), if you didn't have a combined unit like that then you would have to have two devices (a separate modem and a separate router), so it is much more convenient to have a combined modem/router in most circumstances.


If you have fibre then your modem (be that either a separate modem or a modem/router) would have to support VDSL2, as it needs to support VDSL2 to work on a fibre connection.

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Sorry but if I knew where else I would. Thought you need a router with fibre. No sure what this place is for then if it not about getting the best out of your internet connection. 


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There are lots of places you can find to discuss these things far more suitable than a TalkTalk forum.