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Weak Wifi - then speed drop!

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My sister has a Huawei 633 router that always connected at a d/l rate of 69,000 on Faster fibre + SpeedBoost - but the wifi dropped out every hour all day long. I was with TalkTalk until last year and still have my DLink DSL-3782 - so I gave her that to try - it connected at 64,000 and the wifi seemed better. The power went on/off a few times during swap over. 


Overnight the speed on the Dlink has now dropped to 54,000 (around 2am in morning) - so I tried putting the Huawei back - and now it will only connect at 51,000! 


Can anybody say how the downlink rate has dropped so much overnight - is it because of powers on/off and this DSLAM I keep hearing about has kicked in and thinks there's a fault on the line? Will the speed reset itself if it's just left a few days - or is this permanent? 


This is the very reason I had to leave TalkTalk - my speeds just kept dropping and despite 8 Openreach visits they never fixed them for more than a week - although I had intermittent noise on my line, which she doesn't.


Tried to solve one problem, only to end up with another 🙂

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Hi @xolptt,


DLM wouldn't kick in if there were just one or two drops in a day, I'm not sure what the number is but I think it would likely be somewhere up near 10 or so. However if it was DLM then it should increase the speeds again if the connection remains stable, normally DLM will start to increase speeds after 2 or 3 days of stable connection.


Having said that, DLM doesn't just monitor drops, it also monitors errors on the line, these may be less visible to you as the router would stay up and be apparently working, but if the router is experiencing lots of errors and data is having to be retransmitted then this will also get taken into account by the DLM.