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When is a TalkTalk Deal not a Deal?

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For the last 7 weeks since renewing my contract and forced to take Fibre65, my speed has halved.

Tech Support sent 3 engineers and none could find any fault  but could not get my speed back. Before renewal I got between 48mbps to 42mbps, after as low as 1.9mbps and a high of 24mbps. Only options given were leave TalkTalk or ask for a better deal! I spoke to customer retention team and they offered me £21 and 6 month discount of £5 = £16 per month. As I was due compensation for lose of guaranteed speeds, I asked to speak to billing before accepting this offer, the agent passed me to billing, who passed me to Tech support, who knew nothing about how the compensation scheme worked and I had to explain to them, their own proccess of compensation! After an hour of going back and forward, they finally started the compensation process and was put back to the customer retention team and was told that the agent I had spoken to before had left notes saying that I had refused the deal and I was advised that there was no deal of that kind in the system and that I expected to pay £1.50 more than my current contract to get half the speed. I logged a complaint and asked for a manager call back (still waiting for that call), I also asked for the call to be reviewed. I informed the very helpful agent that I also had a recording of the call,  the agents offer and my request for him to hold the offer on my records until after I had spoken to the Billing dept regarding compensation for the speed issues. I reviewed my recording and confirmed that the agents statement regarding myself rejecting the offer was false. The agent made this offer, it was not rejected, but put on hold as requested and confirmed by the agent that he would hold the offer.

The offer made by the agent must be applied even if he got the deal wrong, that offer was made by a TalkTalk employe and forms a contract between myself and TalkTalk. I will pursue this to CEO level for recourse!


Record every interaction with any department within TalkTalk for your own protection!

Danny Easson (Victim of Speed)

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Your engineers reports are fake!..I've not achieved anything close to my guaranteed speeds. 3 engineers inc Openreach attended my home and could not get a speed test if more than 26mnps.


Last TalkTalk engineer (I use that term loosely) ran about 15 speed test at the same time as I ran then  neither of us could achieve guaranteed speed..he used another spped churches and got 30.9 and immediately left. I called TalkTalk to complain and today Tech dept were getting a 0.0mbps there is definitely something wrong with my supposed perfect speeds. First TalkTalk  engineers requested an Openreach engineer for my fault and Openreach engineer said speeds should be a min of 40mbps and was now a TalkTalk issue.


Your treatment of customers is shocking!

Danny Easson (Victim of Speed)

Support Team
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Hi deasson58


Thanks for your post. 


I'm sorry that you have had problems, looking through the engineer reports, they each show that they couldn't find any problems either in the exchange or at the master socket and the speed was not below the minimum guaranteed , because of this you will not be eligible for the auto-compensation scheme.


In terms of the offer you will have to call the loyalty team on 03451720046 to discuss this, if you have made a note of the date it was made there will be notes on the account that they can refer too.