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Why can't I get fibre 65?

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I am currently on virgin 100mbs but talktalk will only offer me 35mbs in my area?


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Do you have a "BT/Openreach landline installed at your home yet? 

Could possibly be that they're guessing you can't have higher because there's no benchmark.


Cable broadband technology is superior. Fibre to the Cabinet/Node and coax cable for the last loop. That old tech gives fibre to the home a run for its money.


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@martswain We both posted that as the same time, at least we both gave the same answer !!

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The likely reason is that the length of your copper phone line to the fibre cabinet is too long to support Fibre 65 speeds.


The last part of the connection on Fibre 35/65 comes over that copper line.

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Hi @steph61620,


Virgin Media supply their service down their own fibre optic (underground) network, so it is capable of very fast speeds for virtually every customer.


If you want a service like Fibre 35 or Fibre 65 from TalkTalk then this is provided over a regular telephone line. These service are called FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), the link from the telephone exchange to the street cabinet is fibre optic, but the link from the street cabinet to your home is an old copper phone line. The length of this copper phone line is what dictates the maximum speed you could get. If TalkTalk don't think you phone line could support speeds of over 40mbps (which is the maximum speed Fibre 35 can provide), then they won't offer you Fibre 65, as it would be pointless, as the speed you would get would be no faster than Fibre 35.