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Why is Fibre boost no longer applicable to my service?

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I am nearly at the end of a 24 month contract for Broadband, Fibre Boost and UK call package - and was looking at the costs if I renewed.

However I am being told by the online chat people (2 different people) that my line is not suitable for 67Mb fibre speeds and can only support the 38Mb version


This is rather surprising as in the past I have measured speeds of over 60Mb and even this afternoon  was getting  45.5Mb down and 6.7Mb up.

Is there something not correct with the information that the helpdesk people are being given, or are TalkTalk trying to reduce services?


Can anyone tell me what is going on?

Thank you


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Thank you for the update, this is more or less what the online help people were saying


example 1

"Please be advised that if you renew the Fibre speed boost will fall off as it is no longer available"

example 2

"I understand but the Faster Fibre Speed Boost will be removed in your package as your line cannot support this"


What they could not explain was why &  when did my line became unsuitable for the the higher speed broadband?



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Hi TerryA,


If the fibre boost is no longer showing as available in MyAccount then this is because it has been determined that the boost would not make a significant enough improvement in speed. Unfortunately we are unable to override this.





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the BT check shows the Downstream Handback Threshold as 33.9 for VDSL A and 27.4 for VDSL B

my measured  speed this morning at 0900 hrs was 46.06 down and 6.52 up


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And by the way you can see how marvellous life wasn't when I was on ADSL!


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It is the lower Downstream Handback Threshold figure that you need, here's mine by way of example:


Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 21.43.56.png




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thank you for the info

I used the link but could not copy the info

here is what I thought the important bits

VDSA 52.5 - 35 download  6 upload

VDSA B 50.6 - 32.4 download, 5.4 upload


I recollect I may have been  VDSL B


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@TerryA  Just out of curiosity, what threshold results do you get when you check your address here?


Feel free to post a screenshot, minus your actual address details of course.


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The role of the regulator often makes things better for the consumer, but there will be occasions when choice is in fact reduced as a result of a broad brush approach. The law of unintended consequences, as I said earlier.


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Thank you for the post.

The reaction to the new rules is understandable - but it means that TalkTalk will now get £5 per month less and I will get a lower download speed (I am assuming that my package will be dropped to 38Mb, meaning a true download of mid 20's)


Not sure how that helps anyone - except Virgin with their 100Mb service


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Hmm, I think the gist is there, it is just a not particularly helpful turn of phrase in putting it across. Perhaps agents and help pages could be updated to make the answer a little clearer. 🙂


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Thank you for the reply, makes sense

Here is an example from todays "Chat"
Sounds like "Computer say no"

The Faster Fibre Speed Boost is being removed because your line cannot handle high speeds which means you will have to remain in the Faster Fibre speeds with no add on.

However it would help if the online chat people knew this, rather than just telling me that my line does not support the higher speed


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The point is that your line has supported a faster speed, so I doubt if there are any grounds for a backdated refund. The policy has nothing to do with average speeds, but minimum thresholds. These can and in fact usually are lower than your actual speed, but the law of unintended consequences has clearly scuppered the risk falling on the customer even if they choose to take it.


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Thank you for the info and links


This raises a different question - if my existing line does not support the faster connextion - why have I been paying the £5 per month charge for it?

Could I be due a refund?



Since the new advertising rules came in, some providers won't let you order the 80Mb package if you won't get as near to it as they'd like. I think if you don't exceed their "average upto" speed then you have to order the slower package! I think more providers are starting to do this as Sky has recently started doing it as well!



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Thank you @elgringo I knew I had seen it somewhere!


I think the key post there is number 6 from OCE Karl:


@Karl-TalkTalk wrote:



Just to confirm, our systems will not allow a faster fibre service to be added if the speed threshold is below 40mb.







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TalkTalk do seem to have adopted a policy recently of not allowing the Fibre Speed Boost where the benefits are marginal. I guess this is because in the past the Boost has been added even when the speeds of the lower Fibre package have not been achievable. I do not know what thresholds they operate on and it does seem strange that a download speed of 60 Mbps would  preclude it, although the other numbers you mention less so.  As @Divsec has said one of the TalkTalk team should be able to clarify this for you.


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Hi Terry welcome to the community your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during tomorrow. This is a new one, usually people are complaining about being sold what they can't have.

In the meantime please check your community profile and add your landline phone number if necessary it is used to identify your account.


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