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Why not autoflag?

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I've used talktalk for many years now, encouraging family members to get it as well, Mostly I'm very pleased with the service they provide. However it isn't all amazing.


I currently have an open case due to an issue with my line. When I went into the service centre I could see immediately that there was a problem with my minimum speed, I knew I had a problem and that's why I was there. My question is why wasn't this autoflagged? I can see I've had an issue for at least the last 7 days, I suspect I've had a problem for 2-3 weeks. But because I never went into service centre and then performed a line test it was never noticed.


I am getting speeds 1/5th what I was getting, over 1/3 my minumum speed. It feels like this should be noticed automatically and a check performed for me. Sadly I now need to wait 2/3 days to get an engineer to check the line. They will then find the issue, it could take a week to fix that. I could be well below minimum for 3 weeks.


Fair play to talk talk at least they do the check quickly and immediately open the case. It just feels if there daily check is seeing you are below minimum for a prolonged period of time it should auto-flag a problem, at least do a test on the line. How many people have an issue and are unaware?


And if I'm not getting the service I pay for will there be compensation for the affected weeks? How many others should be getting a reduced bill for the month for issues they are unaware of?




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Hi hengreer,


I'm sorry for the delay. Would you like us to look into the broadband speed for you?





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You only get compensation for total loss of either broadband or phone.