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Wi Fi extender kit has orange powerline light on Network connector after router went off last night

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I have had my extender kit a couple of weeks and it had been working fine, all green lights on.  Had issues with internet and router last night and had to restart this morning.

I have tried re setting extender kit and while both units are side by side all green lights on but as soon as I move the extender downstairs to where it is needed the orange powerline light comes on the network connector upstairs.

The router is upstairs next to it so that's not the problem.

Any help please would be appreciated.


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Hi @JackyB1 


@Michelle-TalkTalk has asked me to help you. When the powerline light is orange it means that the Wi-Fi Extender and Network Connector are paired but the transfer speed is slow. Are either of these units connected via an extension lead or surge protector rather than plugged directly into a wall outlet?

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Hi Jacky,


@KeithFrench - Would you be able to offer any advice?