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WiFi Hub dropping Cisco AnyConnect VPN sessions

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I had a problem with poor throughput on Fibre Medium and was getting < 2Mbps on a 40 Mbps connection. Telephone 'support' narrowed it down to a failed D-Link DSL-3782 modem/router. I was offered a WiFi Hub at a reasonable price and so took that.

Since running the WiFi Hub I have the old problem back (used to get it with the Huawei routers) that my broadband continually drops/causes restart of my work Cisco AnyConnect work VPN making it useless for a homeworker!

I have an existing fault open. Can TT please advise what can be done to pass the VPN protocols properly?

When i start my work laptop the VPN seems to do about a dozen connect/reconnecting cycles and then frequently reconnects every few minutes. This is not normal behaviour.


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Hi Pete


Thanks for your reply.


How has the connection been over the weekend? Would you like us to send a HG633 router for testing purposes?






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@Michelle-TalkTalk I always run connection speed tests with a short Ethernet cable direct into the Router.



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Hi Pete,


Ok. I've re-checked the connection stats and the connection does look stable. Are you running the speed tests wired or wireless?





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Hi Michelle, I will see how the WiFi Hub goes for a bit longer.


Can you advise if my line is stable, please.


Also, could you look at why my line speed was low please? On Fibre Medium I used to reliably get 38 - 40 Mpbs. I now have a speed boost and was getting 35 - 36 Mpbs last night (i.e. slower than without the speed boost).


Thanks so much, Pete.


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Hi Blobadob,


I'm sorry to hear this. Would you like us to send a HG633 router for testing purposes?





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OK, so connection is flakey this evening. One test on gave me 30mpbs, a few on talktalks speed tester gave 35 or 36mbps. I used to get 38 - 40mbps, and now I have fibre speed boost too and am getting slower speed that I used to have without it. What's going on?


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Ok, had the AnyConnect VPN stability problem again this morning on the WiFiHub. Is my line still stable? I have not power cycled my router since it was installed.


What are my next steps? My previous router seemed reliable with AnyConnect until the router failed. It was a D-Link DSL-3782. My IT department asked me to contact TalkTalk for a fix. When I had the fault open, I asked for a different router but was sent an HG635 as the TT telephone 'helpdesk' said they couldn't guarantee what type I would receive, despite me telling them that the HG635 has previously caused the same problem with AnyConnect.


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The test picked up a number of retrains.  These can also be caused by you rebooting the router also.  If the connection is now stable I would monitor for a couple of days and see if this remains.





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Hi Michelle, since I posted the connection seems to be ok. When you say the line is unstable, what is the effect of this? I'm considering a speed boost, will that affect it?



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Hi Blobadob,


I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault. The connection did look unstable, however it now looks stable for the last 3 days. Is the connection now only dropping when you try to use VPN?




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Thanks Keith, that would be appreciated. Interestingly since I posted the message things have been more stable anyway. Also considering a speed boost as I need to renew my contract, but wanted stability to improve first.

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There is no VPN configuration in the WiFi hub, it just works. Although with your specific VPN client it can work better by changing the DNS server used on the router (in the internet configuration area) to Google, using IP addresses of &


Having said that, from what you have said, it seems like the real problem is that the line is unstable. I will ask the OCEs to check this for you.

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