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WiFi Hub stopped working

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Hi Guys,


Hope some one can help or advice if they have experienced the same issue. So I have been a talk talk customer for 10 plus years and have gone through various packages. There have been various ups and down over the years but overall has been a reasonable service so have stuck with it, My most recent upgrade on renewal was a new wifi hub.


This has been working fine for a good few months then a couple of nights ago stopped working. and the amber light started flashing constantly.


I raised with support and after an hour or so and umpteen checks later is was concluded the line was at fault so I needed an engineer because my hub was unable to synchronize.  I have an old router hg633 so I plugged that in as I'm heavily dependent on the internet for work so was desperate to get on line somehow and this worked ok, synchronized and I was able to get online be it with very poor wifi reception, but was happy as a temporary measure


It was then concluded the hub must be faulty. so they sent a new hub which I tried today and it was having the same issue. constant amber flashing light and not able to synchronize spent another session with support and they have concluded that the new hub must also be faulty and they are going to send another.


SO I guess I just need to sanity check has anyone else experienced this issue where one fiber router will work(HG633) and the hub will no longer work? could this just be a case they have sent be a dud replacement? is that likely? i'm actually hoping so as there is hope that when the replacement arrives it may work.


The other thing I wanted to check was if it is likely there could be a fault on the exchange or the line that would result in the hub no longer working but the hg633 to still work or should both work if one works?



Any help or advise will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,




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Hi Carl. Thanks for looking into this. Will send what happens with the next router. Is very bizzare.

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It is possible that the router you were sent was not working as it should.  


I've had a look at the line and everything looks ok, I cannot see anything that would stop the WiFi hub from working.





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Thanks for the response Divsec, I didn't catch the software version. Its just seems odd that my original one was working fine then stopped all off a sudden.


Appreciate the help


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Hi Akeel, you must be getting bored, sending back the faulty routers😀. I've seen a few members with issues like yours. Did you notice which software version is on the second router? I'm sure there is an update around. Obviously your router will need to be connected and given your stated heavy reliance on your service you willneedw to coordinate this with the OCE team. Anyway your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during tomorrow.

Good luck


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