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WiFi calling no longer works VoWifi

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So recently I had an issue with my broadband, speeds had dropped to less than 25% of normal and many disconnects and crackling on my phone line. This was fixed with visit from my local open reach engineer and some climbing up our telegraph pole.


My problems that now my speeds are back to normal but the WiFi calling on our mobile phones no longer works. 


We live in a small village and the WiFi calling is a must otherwise the only place to get a reliable mobile signal is in the spare bedroom. We have 3 different mobiles of different makes/models that all have VoWifi abilities and all worked on our talk talk WiFi before we had speed issues. My phone is set to always use WiFi calling if connected to WiFi but doesn't work, if I connect to my neighbours WiFi network WiFi calling is available straight away.


Does anyone have any ideas why it may not be working? or know of any advanced settings to check on the DG8041W WiFi hub?


I should add that in my home I have a gigabit wired network and Netgear Orbi triband WiFi mesh with multiple APs and I have no issues with streaming 4k content from either Netflix PrimeVideo or from my Local network server across either the wired network in the case of my lounge setup or across the WiFi in the case of my kitchen setup.


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Staff will reply within a couple of days or so,  @Matgilb. They'll need to identify your account. 


Please complete your community forum profile details. Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard; make sure you put in your landline phone number and a fallback mobile phone number; click finish to save. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.
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Hi Matgilb,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line now which hasn't detected a fault. Have you tried factory resetting the router and then setting this up again?