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WiFi hub static ip

Community Team - TT Staff
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@OCE_Chris After leaving the router off for 30 mins all seems to be ok now. The internet is working again so maybe the fault on the line is just a weird coincidence. 


So so far I’ve not changed many of the settings, just changed dns servers to use google, added port forwarding for a couple of ports needed by my nas, added the nas to the DMZ and then changed the 2.4ghz WiFi name as I have devices that need to connect to that rather than the 5ghz. I have also taken a backup of the working config file so I have that if needed. 


The only thing I can think of is that the gateway restart caused issues or maybe the fault on the line caused issues that were only resolved by the power down for 30 mins. 


Out of interest can can you please check the line again and see if all is ok?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi gdb19


Thanks for keeping us updated.


The line test is still showing a possible issue. Please can you monitor the connection over the next 24hrs and let us know how you get on?





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@OCE_Debbie thanks for all the help today, will do. 


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A few points from my own experience that may help you.

I have a Synology NAS and DDNS works fine within home or elsewhere.

I used the Synology NAS upnp functions to set up the port forwarding needed for the NAS functions I use. Not the most secure method, but it could be re-done manually by noting down the ports, disabling upnp, then adding the same ports manually.

When I tried backing up the wifi hub configuration, the backup created a configuration file, but the restore function didn't work. I don't know if that's been fixed in later firmware releases.

I had 2 faulty wifi hubs which I returned for a refund, both would routinely stop transmitting/receiving on 5GHz band, then work again after a reboot or allowing to cool down. Others have had same issue on 2.4Ghz.

I'm now using a TP-Link VR900 as I wasn't happy with the disabled features of wifi hub, combined with need for factory resets and inability to restore configuration.

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@davecm cheers, I’ve actually gone the other way - I used to have the vr900 (v1) but had issues with slow speeds and poor WiFi performance that made me try the WiFi hub. 


Since moving to to the new WiFi hub that aspect has been better but the hub menus are awful and some usual functions are terrible to find or not there. 


I’ve got my NAS setup with ports forwarded, docker apps linked to the correct ports, reverse proxy via synology application portal and have just setup a built in dns server that seems to let me access the ddns names over my home WiFi.