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WiFi issues

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I'm having issues where Internet connectivity keeps dropping out on some devices. The devices remain connected to the WiFi, but there is no throughput. Restarting the router fixes this, but it's becoming more of a common occurrence. Having to restart the router multiple times per week. 


I can confirm that the Internet is still active during these drop outs as some devices continue to work, and I've also got a wired access point with the devices connected to that maintaining a full connection. So it seems the issue is a fault with my talktalk router.


I'm wondering if its possible for a member of the team to look into this and possibly provide a replacement router? 




Support Team
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Hi Kiss20,


Ok thanks for the update and please let us know how your wireless connection now compares over the next few days.


Thanks 🙂



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I don't believe it to be a channel selection issue, and as its been trouble free and reliable up to this point I'd rather keep the optimisation as it is (for now).


This morning I've done a hard reset of the router (back to factory settings) to see if that helps. I'll report back in a few days to update whether this has fixed things or not.



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The Sagemcom does indeed have a feature called 'Wi-Fi Optimisation', this means it will pick what it thinks is the best channel even if you have tried to select a different channel. However the staff here on the community can disable this Wi-Fi Optimisation for you, the router would then stay on whatever channel you manually set.


So if you do think that picking a different channel is helping, but the router is then changing back to a bad channel again, then just post back here to ask the staff to disable the Wi-Fi Optimisation.


If the problem doesn't appear to be Wi-Fi channel related then the staff here will also be able to offer more help when they are back tomorrow.


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Hi @Skynet_TX, thanks for your response.


Sorry, I forgot to add the type of router in my initial post. I have the Sagemcom "TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub".


I have already sperated the SSIDs into two bands (actually it was the first thing I did after setting up the router ☺️), one for 2.4ghz and the other for 5ghz. Where possible, the majority of my devices are set up to use the 5ghz band. I know the 5ghz band is weaker, but it doesn't seem to be a signal strength issue as it also happens to the laptop which is only a couple of feet from the router.


Unfortunately changing the channel doesn't seem to be an option here as the selection doesn't stick. It appears that TalkTalks remote optimisation decides which channel the router will use, and then changes it to that.


Upto now, the only solution I have found is to turn the router off for a few seconds and back on (until it happens again). Obviously this is becoming rather annoying and isn't a viable long term solution.


Thanks again for your help. 


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Hi @Kiss20,


What make / model of router do you have ?


There are a few things you could try to see if it is Wi-Fi interference causing the problems.


Split the SSID's on the router, this will allow you to give the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network bands different names, so your Wi-Fi devices will then see those two networks separately, you can then try connecting to one or the other to see if one gives a more reliable connection than the other. Doing this in itself won’t fix the problem, but it makes it easier to troubleshoot as you can easily see what device is using what band.


Change the channels that your router broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal on, you can use free smartphone Apps like this to see what channels are being used within range of your smartphone, you can then change your router to use channels that are less congested.


If trying the above makes no difference then it may indicate an issue with the router, the staff here would be able to help with that.


The staff here won't be around now until Monday, but they should be able to respond to this post early next week to help.