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Wifi connected but no internet

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Long story but here goes - hope someone can help.


I was trying to install software today on my laptop and a dll file was missing. All the advice i found said one of the things to check was that all drivers were up to date. I have spent this evening checking all drivers and updated where necessary. One required me to restart my lap top which i did.

When the laptop was signed back in, I kept getting "No Internet, secured" against my broadband router. I checked phones and Ipad and all are connected fine to the wireless network. I am currently using a wired connection to write this, but i did check and when turning my phone into a hotspot, I was able to connect my laptop to that.

Here are the necessary bits:

Laptop is a HP Pavilion AF284NV

I have done a network reset on my laptop

My router is a Talk Talk DG8041W

Status light is white/blue (however you see it)

Wireless adaptor is an Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless - AC3165

We have 2 phones, 2 Ipads, 1 TV and 1 Xbox all showing a connection and working on wifi.


As my laptop has restarted, I can't even roll back the driver. Please can someone help shed some light on what could be wrong.


Many thanks


**** Update****

30 minutes after posting the above, my wifi has started to work. Would still be interested to know if anyone has any ideas.




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Hi Paul,


I'm glad to hear that this is now working 🙂




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Hi @Skynet_TX 


Yes - I did a network reset already and that didn't help. I still got the same issue.


However like I said in the post update, the wifi on my laptop is suddenky working. Would still like to know if anyone has any ideas.....


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Hi @Paulsteed ,


Have you tried deleting / forgetting the wireless network from your laptop, restarting the laptop, and then scanning for and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network ?