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Wifi extender kit hassle

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Due to poor wifi in the lounge (router  is upstairs) , T/Talk sent me out a a D-Link DHP-W611AV extender kit which did boost the signal ok.

Then one day all the lights on the extenders flashed and went off , my son " know it all Simon", said to bin them as they just may cause a short in the electrics ,so i did.

Told T/talk what happened  only to be told i need to return the faulty kit before  they would maybe replace it, i told them they were binned as they were u/s , so was told i have to pay for a set .

My argument was/is, its not my fault they sent a faulty kit out, and now have useless wifi in lounge area for which i pay good money for.....have had the "engineers" out in the past about it and this was the fix,don't want the hassle of them in the house again especially as the missus is isolating thru  Covid ,are T/Talk being picky as the kit must cost them peanuts or am i being a "nuisance customer " ,have been with them since they first started up many moons ago .😞


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WiFi issues are not dependent on provider, it is all about internal setup.


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@rob1246 suggest you have a read of the Virgin Media forums !


Also, if they take you phone number as part of the transfer. make sure that triggers a cancellation request with TT.


There have been numerous instances when it hasn't happened as expected as the two providers use entirely different infrastructure and there is not, as yet, any formal agreement for moving to the Virgin cable network from any provider that uses Openreach phone lines that automatically cancels the previous ISP.


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Ta Chris , not your fault pal but thought i would be out of pocket with replacement  kit.....reckons i will switch to the Virgin offer that came thru my door,locals say they never have wifi issues with them .


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Hi rob1246,


I'm really sorry but if we send out replacement then you would need to return the old kit or you'll be charged for the new ones