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Wifi hub DHCP not working

Team Player
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dHCP stopped working.

I can only connect devices with hard wired IP address or devices I enter into DHCP reservation table (which does not hold enough).

Tried rebooting and factory reset still the same.

Please send a new router.


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Hello. I'm a fairly new customer. I have the the same router and the exact same problem as the author of this post. I have managed to get my laptop and phone back online by manually specifying Static IP addresses for my devices, unfortunately for things like my Google home devices and Ring door bell I'm unable to specify a static IP for them so they are no longer working. Iv tried factory defaulting the router, leaving the power unplugged for an hour, removed all Ethernet devices and plugged one back in at a time etc. the DHCP server will not issue any IP addresses to any it my devices. Is it looking like my router is faulty as well? Many thanks. 


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Hi andy,


Thanks for the update 🙂 We would need for the original wifi hub to be returned please. Did you receive a router returns bag?





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All seems to be working now.

Do I need to return the old router or can I keep it as a backup


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OK, upgrading now, should complete in a few minutes 🙂

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Yes please

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Hi andywil,


Your router does have an old firmware version, would you like me to update it now?


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Hi Chris,

Router arrived this morning and is installed.

DHCP is working which is a good job as there seems to nowhere in this router to manually reserve IP addresses.

Is this because the firmware is old, if so can you force an update because it is important that I have static addresses for some of my kit.

Thanks in anticipation


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Sorry no, it's not possible to export and import settings


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Thanks Chris

Hope it arrives before total collapse.

I don't suppose it's possible to export settings from current router and import them into new one?


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I've ordered a replacement router, it should be with you within a couple of days but please allow up to 5 working days for delivery



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DHCP stopped working sometime on Saturday night.
After reset and setup DHCP still not working.
Any item with hard coded IP address is fine. Any item not in DHCP reservation table just fails to get IP address.
Tried turning DHCP off and on again but no change.
Looks like fault with router, can I have a replacement while it is still working of a sort, don't want to be left with no internet.

Support Team
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Hi andywill,


How long have you been experiencing the problem? Just to confirm, when you did the factory reset DHCP wasn't working from then, before you did any further configuration?