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With Plusnet But Restricted By TalkTalk

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I've recently set up my broadband through Plusnet and it was activated today. However, when I try to connect it asks for a sign in and redirects me to a TalkTalk link saying there are restrictions set in place by you.


I have not had a previous account with TalkTalk and after speaking with Plusnet I was advised that there is no fault on their end and I was to contact you, however when phoning the woman I spoke to was of no help what so ever and said there was nothing she could do as I do not and have not had an account with you.


Any help would be gladly appreciated as my broadband is currently in limbo.




Community Manager
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Hey @SPRF89 


Pretty poor of them to suggest you contact us but as you have I couldn't forgive myself for not asking if you've considered joining us, sounds like you're still in your cooling off period with Plusnet? 


With regards to the issue, solid advice from the other guys in that plusnet need to resolve this as they are your service provider, good luck getting it sorted if you decide to stay with them. 



Stephen, Community Manager

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Hi SPRF89,


Thanks for the update. Given that you've never been with us, there is nothing we can do to assist. It's only a assumption, but it's possible that the previous occupants may have had a TT line and your new ISP haven't fully provisioned your service.





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Thanls for the reply.


I've not been with anyone before (recently moved out and in my first flat), so I've never had a contract with TT or anyone.


Using the text service last night for TT there's is obviously no record of me having an account and even no record of the address I'm at yet I'm getting redirected by TT saying they've applied restrictions (sends me to this link when trying to connect:


Plusnet are looking further into the issue and are going to contact me later today so we'll see.


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Hi sprf89. Welcome to the community. Very difficult to see what TT can do to help, who were you with before Plusnet?

If you had ever enjoyed a contract with TT then maybe, are Plusnet being lazy and pushing you away? They must have the tools and resource to sort it, they activated the line? 


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